A Leg of Lamb: the Ultimate Life Lesson

The found poem I created originated from a short story named “Lamb to the Slaughter”. It shows character versus character conflict between and wife (protagonist) and her husband (antagonist), where it is about the wife’s reaction when she was notified that her husband was to abandon her. The┬árising action consists of how she cooked and waited for her husband to go back from work, and she seemed to be really happy in waiting for her husband to be back. Then, she saw the nervousness in her husband. She knew something was wrong, and that was when they sat down and the husband told her that he no longer wanted to be with her anymore. Thus, the conflict and my found poem begins there. The husband talks about how he does not want to be with her anymore, and the wife “Sat still, watching with a dazed horror.” The conflict is important as the wife kills the husband and the story is continued in the falling action with her trying to condone her crimes. It is describe in the story of her going to the store in order to get the trust of the shopkeeper and the cops, which were kinder to her after she “justified her innocence” and made the officers eat a lamb leg, which was the exact weapon she used to kill her husband, which I found to be cunning. The story gives us one conclusion: never underestimate the feeling of others when you hurt them for one’s own selfishness. Measures some would take is completely unthinkable, for one thing can mean nothing to you, but the world to them. I chose this picture because it demonstrated the literal definition of the book: a leg of lamb, killing someone. I chose this ironic picture as some may laugh, and then find this story to be so much deeper; the story goes beyond a simple leg of lamb, talking about the emotions and choices people make. The lamb was a weapon, very much, but the symbolism is the actions some may take after they have found something that have deeply impacted their world, and the decisions they consequentially take.


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