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Reflection of the Humanities Argumentative Essay

    1. What you did well in your essay.

I wrote a good introductory paragraph, and there is appropriate evidence that supports my claim

    1. What you might like to improve.

I would like to improve using specific, varied vocabulary

    1. Are there any areas where you marked yourself differently than Ms. Rivera? What are your thoughts?

I thought I would get a beginning in describing the roles of political, civil, and economic organizations in people’s lives because I thought I didn’t write the describing sentences about those things, but Ms. Rivera has given me a meeting.

    1. What was the biggest challenge that you faced while researching, planning, and writing this essay? How did you overcome this challenge?

the biggest challenge to me was writing a proper, specific, and varied vocabulary. because I am not good at using specific and varied vocabulary in sentences.

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

in this book, there are many good and bad choices that Percy made. and one of them is really important. I will tell you one example. 

the example is in chapter 1 Pg. 13, 19th line, ‘ I swung the sword’. you would think about why this sentence is important, but it is really important.   because if he didn’t swing the sword, missed catching the pen sword, or he evaded then Mrs. Dodds will catch someone around him and will use hostages to intimidate Percy to put down the sword and kill Percy, or just ran to him and ripped off. if Percy didn’t swing the sword, then the story would be different than we thought. like the main character dies at the start of the book and have a funeral for Percy. so, I think Percy’s decision has affected the progression of the story.  


Humanities Character Traits

In Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, Percy Jackson is brave. Because most people can’t swing their sword in front of monsters because of their inner fear. In chapter 1 page 13, Percy swung the sword to Mrs. Dodds who became a monster to kill Percy. Percy defeated the inner fear, and he killed the Mrs. Dodds. And in chapter 4 page 55, he killed minotaur which is half bull half man. Minotaur is very strong that can destroy woods at one punch, nevertheless Percy killed minotaur by breaking its horn and put the horn right up under his furry rib cage. Most people would be crushed by the minotaur, or will be torn off by the Mrs. Dodds, but Percy was brave, so he was able to survive by killing these monsters.

And Percy is negative. Because at chapter 5 page 59, after her mom died, he said that “whole world should be black and cold. Nothing should look beautiful”. He was very depressed and disappointed after her mom died.

So, in Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, Percy Jackson is brave, but sometimes he became negative.

science thinklink project

Our story make history

our story makes history

A one or two-sentence summary of the unit, “Our Stories Make History,” and the project you created.

  • Explain how you organized your project and why.
  • I organized my project by using some document files. because it is easier to use  the document files when making the scrapbook
  • How might this primary source be useful to a historian, or even future 6th graders, in the future? What might they learn about/from your experience?
  • I don’t know exactly what historians or future 6th graders will learn about, but I think they will going to know how was the situation about when the covid-19 pandemic was happening.
  • What do you think went well for you in this unit? (What are you most proud of?)
  • I feel proud because I finished this scrapbook only for 1 day.
  • What did you find challenging within this unit?
  • what to write about it was most challenge to me.

perform proposal

this is my perfrom project.

early humans and us project-technology

this is real one. i had mistake on before post.

early humns and us project- technology

here is my project.

jay.song “I am from” poem

This is jay.song’s I am from poem that he write as a mentor text for our Humanities class.I hope you enjoy it!!!!!!!!

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