"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Lightbox Reflection

In our product design, we worked on making a lightbox. My lightbox is locating Shang Hai, a place I have been to in the past. I went to Shang Hai before the COVID-19 pandemic. That was the last place I have traveled outside Beijing, which was Shang Hai. It was the last place I traveled outside of Beijing. I remember seeing the high buildings and the pearl tower in Shang Hai.

I learned a lot of skills from making this lightbox. I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator. I added shapes to Adobe Illustrator and customized them. I learned what color means when laser cutting, and also learned about painting with acrylic paint. I learned my skill of masking something with tape, and it makes the painting process much easier.

There are several parts where I could have improved. My river was not realistic or well-fitting, so I would change the shape of the river. Also, I would add more buildings to make the lightbox look like a city. Finally, I would make the color of the buildings colorful which is other than just gray buildings.

My summary of Zewsela

***This article was posted in 2018, some information may be wrong***

Black Panther died in Infinity war, but he will return in another movie because of a benefit of $1.3 billion in world wide ticket sales. Kevin Feige, the leader of Marvel Studios said “We have some ideas for Black Panther story.” Still, his ideas are not shared, but Disney is planning to announce the movie name in a future fan event.

Stronger Than A Lion by Jeff


Summary: Jimmy faces a problem, that he scares people too much. Jimmy uses it for good once and thinks that it is always good. There comes one day that will change all his thinking. It will change Jimmy’s life. What will help Jimmy slove his problems and change Jimmy’s whole life?

Habitat Final Project

  1. The Biggest Take Away was The Water filtering project. I just like making things and making plans.
  2. If I write my own report card I would not give it approaching because it was a bit late.
  3. I would like to work on getting works done fast.
  4. Nature can not go with a missing part

How did basic tools have changed over time?

My research question was how did basic tools have changed over time.

I think my poster went well because the poster does not have too many words or too less words.

I think I was not good with time because I was almost late.

I would have changed working faster because I was comfortable when I started, but when I ended, it was very tight.

My cardboard arcade design!


Skills I deloped was cutting cardboard, which helped me a lot in life. For example, my grandmother wanted to cut some boxes, and I helped her by cutting the boxes.

My big success was that it was fun for us, and the shooter was successful for my class, but it was too hard to pull for 4th graders. but it was fun for me, and my partner.

One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is trying to think from 4th grader’s perspective. They had bog trouble trying to pull the string.

Overall, I think this product was unsuccessful because it was not too fun for clients, fourth graders.

Poster About Capabilities of Homo Neanderthalensis


Major capabilities of early human was to make tools, such as rock spears, rock knives.  After time, early humans discovered fire, which they used fire to hunt, and defend themselves with fire.  They figured out to cook with hunted meat using fire. That made food tastier, and healthier. Homo neanderthalensis had high technology that helped them servive.

Hopes, Dreams, and Love

I am from ice-cream.

Ice-cream is like rainbow.

I eat them quite often.


I am from soccer.

I play every week.

I can’t wait until the world cups because the soccer players

are rock stars!


I am from my bed, blanket, and pillow.

Everyone sleeps on a bed.

My classmates are coming to school from beds.


I am from my mom saying, “go to bed!” Or “brush your


Please don’t say those to me.

I am too tired of those words!


I am from reading

For my free time, I mostly read books. Comic books,

chapter books, fantasy, adventures, and many

other types of books.


I am from hopes, dreams, and love.

I dream to be a soccer player.

I dream to be a scientist.

I love my mom and dad.

I love the world.

I hope the world gets better.     

How Do You Think My Maps As Metaphor Looks Like?

This is my map as metaphor. Instead of keys, I put the names of the lands in each sign. The first one is the watch tower(not watchtower). I wanted to say that time goes fast like rivers, especially when it is fun. and all of them are what I like. So when do/play/visit, it is fun. and most of the time, the time feels short although it isn’t.

I am a(n)……………………………..

I am a soccer player. I play soccer every weekend, and i am also in soccer team. I practice math every Tuesday and Thursday. and i will play matches as well.

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