I once saw T.V for 2 hours so maybe my name can be "Girl who focuses on one thing for long time"

Argumentative Essay Reflection

In this unit we focused on the argumentative essay, I chose a topic about banning plastic is an effective way to save our oceans. For this essay, I think one thing I did well I had strong evidence and reasoning to support the arguments and the overall format was clear. However, one thing I can improve is my counterclaim and my writing skills. The whole idea wasn’t clear enough to support my argument and the topic. Maybe by the next unit, I should work on the counterclaim and practice to make my writing/essay short and clear. One of my overall improvements in writing was trying to write short and clear. I think I still have to practice those parts of my writing.

How does ADHD behavior impact Percy’s choices and how can he improve his behavior?

Making the right decision is important, especially for people who have symptoms of ADHD. In the book, ‘Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief’, Chapter 1 to 3, Percy’s ADHD behavior impacts his attitude towards school and managing emotions in school. He’s ADHD behavior impacts his attitude towards school by feeling fidgety, challenging to pay attention in classes, and being in a stimulating environment. Additionally, it impacts his managing emotions by not able to control his emotions in school, blurting out phrases, and doing careless mistakes in school. To improve his attitude towards school, he can go outside to move his body and encourage other teachers to make a stimulating environment for him. Furthermore, to enhance his emotion, he can distract himself from other objects, stop and think before he acts, and consider how would his choices affect himself and others.  

How does Percy’s ADHD behavior impact his attitude towards school? 

Percy’s ADHD behavior impacts his attitude towards school, by feeling fidgety, challenging to pay attention in classes, and being in a stimulating environment. This leads Percy to get low self-confidence and getting low grades, to improve his behavior he can go outside to move his body and encourage other teachers to make a stimulating environment for Percy. For instance, on page 7 in the book ‘Percy Jackson’ Percy thought, “But Mr. Brunner expected me to be as good as everybody else, despite the fact that I have dyslexia and attention deficit disorder and I had never made above a C- in my life.” This gives an idea of Percy not enjoying his grades and he has a negative attitude towards school. Linking to this quote, according to Newsela, ‘Neurodiversity: A different view of ADHD’ people with ADHD “feel fidgety and challenging to pay attention in school”. Feel fidgety takes his concentration away from his current task and this result takes him into trouble and gets low grades at school. On page 38 of the book Percy Jackson, Percy thought,” What was so great about me? A dyslexic, hyperactive boy with a D+ report card, kicked out of school for the sixth time in six years.” The quote shows that he has low confidence and expectations of himself in school and considering himself “a dyslexic, hyperactive boy”. Percy can improve his behavior by asking teachers letting him go outside, moving his body, etc. to get his concentration back. Furthermore, he can give himself a belief that he can succeed in class, even he can’t focus well during school. On page 2 of the book, Percy thought, “You wouldn’t think he’d be cool, but he told stories and jokes and let us play games in class… so he was the only teacher whose class didn’t be me to sleep.” This quote can connect to the Newsela article, “People with ADHD also do their best in stimulating environments.” and “A person with diffused attention can pay attention to many things at the same time.” To Percy, Mr. Brunner’s class is a stimulating environment, where he can play games, listen to stories and jokes. This is the only class that he can focus on multiple tasks at the same time. By this evidence, this shows that Percy can do his best and focus on his task well in Mr. Brunner’s class. To improve his behavior in another class, he can encourage other teachers to change the atmosphere of the class differently like Mr. Brunner’s. Overall, Percy’s ADHD behavior will impact attitude towards school, by being fidgety, having difficulties concentrating in class, and being in a stimulating environment. He can improve his behavior by going outside moving his body and encouraging the other teachers to make a stimulating environment for Percy.   

How does Percy’s ADHD behavior impact his emotions towards school? 

Percy’s ADHD behavior impacts his emotions by not able to control his emotions in school, blurting out quotes, and doing careless mistakes in school. To enhance his behavior, he can distract himself to other objects, stop and think before he acts, and consider how would his choices affect himself and others. For instance, on page 3 the book, Percy said,” I am going to kill her”, I mumbled, and then the following quote said,” That’s it!” I started to get up, but Grover pulled me back to my seat.” These quotes were when Percy got mad at Nancy Bobofit, a girl who threw the peanut butter sandwich to his best friend, Grover. According to the Newsela article, people who have symptoms of ADHD they “making careless mistakes in school” In this quote Percy had revealed one of the ADHD behavior, he does out-standing actions like shouting out to other students and talking out phrases which are not appropriate at school. Not only these, but Percy has also made lots of careless mistakes in school, he moved his schools 6 times, and, in this situation, Percy was already on probation. Percy can enhance his behavior by “Consider what might happen as a result, and how your decision might affect others”. (Helping you develop life skills, 2019) Besides, he can ask himself “What effect would that have for me” considering what would happen afterward when he made the decisions. Secondly, on page 5 of the book, Percy shouted out loud to Nancy Bobofit in the museum” Will you shut up?” — it came out louder than I meant.” This was when Percy got distracted by Nacy Bobofit when Mr. Brunner was talking about ancient Greek history, which is one of the subjects Percy was interested in. From the Newsela article, it has stated,” blurting out answers in class” is one of the symptoms of ADHD. The ADHD aspects give a significant effect on Percy because these actions can cause him to get into trouble as usual. “Stopping before you decide, to give yourself a chance to think” and” Distract yourself” (Helping you develop life skills, 2019) can help Percy to make progress with his behavior. By stopping before he acts, it can reduce the negative results of his decisions, because he would be considering if it gives negative effects on himself. Moreover, if he thinks one more time before he acts there will be higher chances that he wouldn’t get kicked out or get in trouble at school. As a result, Percy’s ADHD behavior impacts managing his emotions by not being able to control his emotions in school, blurting out words, and doing careless mistakes in school. However, distracting himself to other objects, stop and think before he acts, and considering how would his choices affect himself and others can enhance his behavior.   

In conclusion, in the book ‘Percy Jackson the Lightning Thief’ Percy had made several choices, additionally, there are impacts and improvements he had to make. In chapters 1 to 3, Percy’s ADHD behavior impacts his attitude towards school and managing emotions in school. Percy’s attitude towards school is impacted by feel fidgety, challenging to pay attention in classes, and being in a stimulating environment. Besides, his managing emotions are impacted by not able to control his emotions in school, blurting out quotes, and doing careless mistakes in school. However, tenhance his attitude towards school, he can go outside to move his body and encourage other teachers to make a stimulating environment for him. To make progress with his managing emotion, he can distract himself to other objects, stop and think before he acts, and consider how would his choices affect himself and others. 


Work/Friend Ships (Graphic Novel)

Summary: My story Work/Friend Ship is a story that includes the cooperation between the character, they work with each other through the problems and they help each other too.

Science Project

For our last science project, we worked on a food chain, food web, habitats, etc.  This is my final project which is gathered with Thinglink, it has all of my works I worked for this unit.

In 6th grade science, I have learned a lot about science. I think my biggest take away from 6th Grade science is the energy transfer. I worked hard for every science unit, but I think I took away a lot of (helpful) information for the energy transfer unit. If I were to write on my own comment on the report card I would say I should be more confident in analyzing data sources. I think I should be more accurate when I analyze my data. For the next year of science, I want to do more experiments rather than research.

Harry Potter (Reading)

For this reading project, I decided to read a book called, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by Jk. Rowling. I choose this book because Harry Potter is one of my favorite book series.  I really enjoyed reading this book, because it was absolutely fun and I thought it was a perfect book to work on the setting and mood. When I started this project, I wanted to work on the setting and mood because I wanted to challenge myself. Usually, I don’t go really deep with them. For this project, I showed my thinkings very uniquely.  After I finished my book, I gathered my thinkings, I chose one event and made a playlist based on the mood/setting of the scene. It was really fun making the playlist because I like making playlists and I could listen to more genres of music. To level-up my thinkings and stretch as a reader, I wrote down my thinking every chapter. And after I read the book, I watched some clips(from the movie) on YouTube to have more ideas about the setting. Overall, I really enjoyed the book and I think this project was successful for me.

Our Stories Make History

Our Stories Make History-My Reflection
During this unit Our Stories Make History, I created primary sources that were based on my personal experience and emotions according to COVID-19. In this unit, I also learned about how to find reliable sources (confirmation bias) too. I organized my project very balanced. I ensured that I had put all of my sources and mixed the high and lows balanced.
I created this Our Stories Make History project to give ideas or help future historians how life was like during the time of COVID-19 in China. So, this source may feel beneficial to them, because it includes the emotions, pictures/drawings (primary source), and finds relevant and reliable sources in my project. Specifically, about the school closures, e-learning advantages and disadvantages, the fear of the virus, and much more.
During this project, I could see the progress of my writing. I think writing every day, even just for 10 minutes made my progress in writing. This was totally out of my comfort zone because I don’t write every day. I do make the planners, but not the journals. If I go back to the journals I wrote from last January to April, I could clearly see the progress of my writing. It also gave me progress in researching. Now I had ideas about how to figure out fake information!

Covid-19 Art Project

This is my final artwork. Drawing of the virus, and there is my emotion described, when Covid-19 have began. This was a great experience for me. The size of the virus describes how it spreads all over the world and the exclamation mark shows my emotions. (shocking, fear, etc)


1. Sketching, tracing and coloring the virus

2. Editing my artwork

3. My final drawing!


How did the tools that obtain food changed over time?-Technology

When I did my project, there were a lot of things that happened. It was almost all over the place and there were some struggles when I did this project. One thing was collecting the sources. Sometimes I just forgot to put the sources on noddletools and just deleted the tabs. Then when I realized that I deleted the tab, I had to go find my history, then go into that site, and I had to type all of the things that I need for noddletools. Another struggle that happened during this project was infographic. When I realized the infographic should have pictures, I had to go back and find the pictures for the infographic. If I would go back I will have to have a different design of the infographic and make my infographic simpler. When I wrote my script, I almost read the paragraphs from my infographic. This was because I wrote too much on my infographic. At last, I also struggled when I record myself. I think my read-aloud was not great and my eye-contacts were not good enough. For instance, at the last minute of the video, there were so many mistakes that I made. I should’ve prepared the script, however, I spent so much time setting the noodletools and finishing my infographics. If I would go back, I will be going to spend more time reading out loud my script. Something that actually went well was the Infographic. I know that this was one of the struggles that I had, but at last, my infographic looked good. 

Homo Neanderthalensis

Homo neanderthalensis is a one of the species of the hominins. This species lived in Eurasia 200,000 to 30,000 years ago. There are 2 major capabilities that Homo neanderthalensis have, the first one is that they were good at hunting animals. Homo neanderthalensis used stone-tipped wooden spears, knives and pole axes to hunt animals such as the woolly mammoth. This wooden spear can kill the animals at a distance. Neanderthals usually hunt their preys in close range. Hunting animals were very important to Neanderthals, because it gave enough food, so they get the energy that makes them move actively throughout the day. When they started to hunt animals, they also made their own cloths and cook the animals to eat them safely. The second major capability is that they can make complex stone tools. Neanderthals made various kinds of stone tools. They made stone-flakes, hammers, and task-specific hand axes, many of which were sharp. Most of the stone tools were very sharp, because they were mostly used for cutting dead animals, working woods, and even to hunt animals. It helped them survive by hunting/killing animals easier and it made Neanderthals to survive long. In that moment, they started to use fire in more creative ways and hunt the animals. These things were all connected with stone tools. They rubbed the two stones together to create fire. As it mentioned previously, stone tools also used as cutting dead animals. Over all, these capabilities changed and improved Neanderthal’s lives.


My Cardboard Arcade Reflection

From my 6th-grade design class, I made a cardboard arcade game. The game is called, “Impossible Strike” because this game is a bowling arcade game.



One thing I’d like to change is to make the string stronger. Whenever we played the game, we have to stand the pins up with our hands. If I’d go back and change it I would like to use another material to stand the pins.

If I did this again, one thing I would do differently is to add more color and decorate the game. If I add the color the game will be more eye-catching. I would also like to color the cardboard into different kinds of colors, such as pink, blue.

Overall, I think this product was successful because during the 4th graders played our cardboard arcade, nothing went wrong or brake. They also enjoyed the game and some of the players even came twice to our play our game! Our game was successful.

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