"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

arguementive essay reflection

My argument was that government should not control our obesity because we have rights to control ourselves.

Things I did well : I think I collected many information and articles to support my argument.  I added these citation in the essay which has same contents with my essay.

Thins I need to improve :  When I wrote obesity in the essay, I wrote obesity in wrong spelling. When I corrected the spelling with a computer, it used Capital O. I need to improve spelling.
I have to write essay more with structure.

Thought differently from Ms. Rivera : I think my opinion is not very different from Ms Riviera.  Obesity is not so good but it is not a crime to be prohibited by the government. Government campain will be okay.

Researching and planning challenge : I could find good articles easily from ISB library resources.  It was very helpful to read short articles with different opinion.  While reading articles, I got confused. I felt like to change my argument . Especially when I was writing about different argement and its reason,



sewing project

  • What you made
    • I made a shining youtube button
  • Why you chose it
    • because I wanted to make a new type of buttons like light –>silver–> gold –>diamond
  • What was it about the other designs that made you discard them?
    • want to be compact like could be cover with my hand
  • Photos!!! Process and final
  • What was new to you?
    • threading the circuit
  • What things were hard for you, how did you overcome them?
    • thread is looking off, I make more tail than before
  • What tips would you give to next semester’s students?
    • when do sewing, do a simple design
  • What new things do you want to learn based on this project?
    • sewing at my backpack

Master Lego combination

I have combined submarine and bookshelf. My favorite part is the gear to move the wheel. Next time, I will make some light in the submarine because the inside of the submarine is too dark.


Finial Car blog

I feel my vehicle is developed because this one has doors to open back for put in things and have wheel covers to protect wheels.

I want to change the steering wheel because the steering wheel block is kept took of during  turn to left or right so I want to change the connection with other ways

I feel proud I make this big vehicle because this vehicle has real moving things like back door or steering wheel.

Creature+habit challenge

strengths have cover to protect the creature and having balls to shake the creature

I need to improve is control balls because balls keep getting out. and I need to don’t get mad

Percy jackson blog

on page 3 Percy Jackson had a flashback ” Lake at my fifth-grade school, when we went to the Saratoga battlefield, I had this accident with a Revolutionary War cannon. I wasn’t aiming for the school bus, but of course, I got expelled anyway. And before that, at my fourth-grade school, when we took a behind-the-scenes tour of the Marine World shark pool, I wort of hit the wrong lever on the catwalk, and our class took an unplanned swim. And the time before that… Well, you get the idea.” this tells he gets a problem every field trip.

He did a bad choice aiming at the school bus so he needs to go to Yancy academy because he gets expelled. Also, he gets far away from his mother and Gabe. He makes worry about his mother and the bad effect on his friends and makes them unsafe as a result Percy Jackson has low self-esteem and he thinks all negative.

for better emotional management and making better decisions with emotions.  In paragraph page 19 Percy needs to argue the decision is made solely on the basis of logic. the best decisions are made using both logic and emotion. In paragraph page 18 Don’t give in to negative thinking. If you find yourself having negative thoughts, then challenge them by looking for evidence against them. and notice the good things in tour life. In old-fashioned terms, count your blessings. This list may sound quite old-fashioned, but then perhaps our grandparents knew a thing or two about managing emotions that wh may have forgotten. find the right balance for you can reduce your stress levels and may help fight depression.

Percy Jackson Informational Blog

On page 2 when Percy aimed  Revolutionary War cannon at the school bus he get expelled and go to a new school Yancy academy

percy Jackson CER+ Tchart

In Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, Percy Jackson is brave. In P.13 when Mrs. Dodds lunged at Percy Jackson. He dodged and felt talons slash the air next to his ear. He use the ballpoint pen which turned into a sword. Although he was in absolute terror, he swung the sword and hit her shoulder. Then Mrs. Dodds disappeared into yellow powder. Also, in P.54when minotaur dissolved his mother and it try to get Grover, he leaped straight up, kicking off from the creature’s head, using it as a springboard, turning in midair and landing on his neck. The monster tries to shake him off, but he got both hands around one horn and Pulled backward with all his might to snap it out. He bit out the monster.

Based on this action one can infer that Percy is brave because he tried to help his best friend Grover whenever minotaur attacks him. Although Percy was scared of the monsters, he sometimes used the sword to beat the Mrs. Dodds and even jumped to the neck of the minotaur to get the horn off. If I was him, I may run out of the situation and may not have the courage to fight with the monsters.

Science thinglink

  1. What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science?

Cup insulate

2. What would you like to work on for next year in science?

I want to do a chemical experiment.

Our Stories Make History


Our Stories Make History – Jeonghoon’s Reflection


Through our unit, Our Stories Make History, I became better at talking about my personal experiences in the past. I also learned how to determine which sources are trustworthy, and how to make my experiences credible. In my project, I used sway to display recordings of the past so that everything is visible and clear to see.


I think by this project may help others by showing the impacts of this pandemic on people’s lives and how serious it was. As a result, people will not repeat the same mistake next time.


During this unit, I was proud of myself for putting lots of effort into my work. However, I faced many challenges including having to be creative and analyzing long articles.

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