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Reflection on Argumentative Essay

The two areas that I mentioned well is acknowledging and refuting counter-claim(s) with associated evidence to make my position stronger and using words, phrases, and clauses to create cohesion and clarify the relationships among claims, reasons, and evidence.

Two areas for me to improve are reviewing the larger argument, highlighting evidence supporting my position in my conclusion, and describing how and why an organization shapes people’s lives in any country.

How does ADHD affect Percy Jackson’s choices for himself and his community and how can it be improved?

Imagine fighting through focus, being easily distracted, hyperactivity, poor organization skills, and impulsiveness. This condition is called ADHD. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, ADHD is among the most common neurodevelopmental childhood disorders. There are 6.1 million children in the US who have ADHD. People with ADHD may have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviors (may act without thinking about the result), or being overly active. In ‘Percy and the Lighting Thief,’ Percy’s choices impact himself and his community. Some ways ADHD impacts Percy’s school life are getting distracted in academics and surroundings, failing to show dedication, and receiving low grades. Fortunately, Percy’s choices can be improved by eliminating distractions, connecting his interests to school subjects, and adjusting to the classroom environment.

There are a variety of ways ADHD impacts Percy’s school life: getting distracted in academics and surroundings, failing to show dedication, and receiving low grades. On page 5, Percy is delighted by Nancy Bobofit, snickering something behind him that he shouts: “Will you shut up?” This distraction shows that ADHD is impacting Percy’s choices to get easily distracted and blurting out answers. According to a Newsela article, people with ADHD cannot focus on one thing at a time. They have scattered attention instead. Since they are also overly active, they blurt out answers in classes. On page 18, Percy’s English teachers ask him for the millionth time why Percy was ‘too lazy’ to study for spelling tests. He complains ‘what is so great’ about himself, as he believes himself as ‘a dyslexic, hyperactive boy with a D+ report card,’ This indicates that Percy lacks dedication and confidence. According to a research article about ADHD symptoms, people with ADHD avoid activities that require focus and tend to put little value on their opinions and ideas. In another example, Percy cannot focus on studying for his Latin Exam. He gets too frustrated to study that he throws his textbook across his dorm room. Percy believes he is hopeless and tries to ‘forget’ his dedication towards studying for the Latin Exam on page 18. As stated from the research paper regarding ADHD symptoms, ADHD leads those diagnosed with bad grades in school because they cannot focus on their lessons and assignments in a non-stimulating environment. All of these above-mentioned examples show a variety of ways that ADHD is impacting Percy’s choices for himself and his community.

Fortunately, there are some ways Percy’s choices towards himself and his community can be improved. Middle school students who struggle to keep up with school can use some of the following examples. When Percy is fully engaged in Mr. Brunner’s lesson about Greek Funeral Art, he is distracted by Nancy Bobofit on page 5. According to a Newsela article, people with ADHD are easily distracted when their attention is not concentrated on one thing at a time. Additionally, Percy’s actions could be improved by eliminating any distractions around him that hinder his concentration. For example, instead of giving Percy multiple paper sheets to complete, the teacher can start with one sheet of paper to complete. Another example when Percy’s behavior can be improved is when Percy cannot study harder. On page 18, Percy cannot focus on studying or try his best. According to a research paper about ADHD symptoms, people with ADHD avoid activities that require focus. However, they can do their best in stimulating environments, respond to change, and be very focused when something interests them. Percy’s behavior can be improved by making connections to his interests in school studies. This example can also be used for middle school students who have difficulty finding focus. For instance, in his Latin conjugation exam, Mr. Brunner could let Percy conjugate Latin verbs with Greek Gods as subjects. According to a Newsela article, students with ADHD like to ‘move their bodies and be outdoors.’ Hence, a traditional classroom setting and conventional teaching methods may not an excellent fit for them. Percy might be more focused on learning environments outdoors involving active movement. Therefore, there are various ways Percy’s choices towards himself and his community can be improved.

In conclusion, there are various ways ADHD impacts Percy’s choices, and multiple ways Percy’s choices impacted by ADHD can be improved. Whether or not diagnosed with ADHD, millions of students struggle to keep up with school. As a student, these strategies mentioned above could potentially lead the struggling students to make better choices. ADHD specifically impacts Percy by receiving bad grades, getting distracted in academics and surroundings, lacking self-confidence, and lacking dedication. However, Percy’s choices can be improved by eliminating distractions, connecting his interests to school subjects, and adjusting to the classroom environment.

Charlie and the Learning Theory by Jia

Charlie Charlie and the Learning Theory

Summary of Charlie and the Learning Theory

Charlie, a normal teenage girl learns about the learning theory from her friend, Annabelle. Discover the great meaning behind the learning theories…

Habitat Mini Project-Rainforest

This is my Thinglink for the Mini habitat Project. I chose to focus on rainforest because I believe rainforests are the most threatened habitat of all biomes. I chose to focus on Giant pandas, Asian Elephants, Sunda tigers, and jaguars. These animals are all threatened in society and in the wild. Click each tag to know more about Rainforest!

  1. My biggest take away from 6th Grade was all about the independence and the cycling of energy and matter.
  2. If I could write in my own comment on the report card, I’ll write Jia Lee has made huge progress in Science. In the first semester, Jia did not show any interest in science or improving her skills. However, as she began thinking about the logic in science, and she felt she could improve her skills. Since the 2nd Semester, Jia tried her best to improve her ability to understand all about Science. She devoted 3 hours every day to study Science since she thought it was a great way to spend spare time.
  3.  I think I would love to study all about the periodic table and the components of the chemical elements.

The Anne-Family

The book I read was Number the Stars and Anne Frank. I loved how these books connected to each other and how both of them were historical.

My project fully shows what I was thinking about because this project has the focused questions I tried to answer.  In my project, I added research about World War 2 and Adolf Hitler-since, both of my books, are related to World War 2 and Hitler.

I think this project leveled up my thinking by deepening by thinking skills. I used to skip deep questions I found in my books, but now, I could answer these questions. I think the research about World war 2 and Hitler really developed my thinking skills because this researches gave me more information about these books. Which helped me answer the deep questions I found in my books.

My Thinglink Project about ‘Our Stories Make History’

My Final Reflection

The “Our Stories Make History” unit was very interesting, because it related to what was going on through our lives. I loved how this unit could summarize what was going through our life.
I organized my project by making a schedule to do every single assignment in order. This helped me a lot, for I could manage my time easily and find balance between other assignments.
I believe this primary source might be important to historians in the future, because they can relate to how 6th graders spend their time and life through COVID-19. This primary source could relate to 5th graders about what their life could have been like if they were 6th graders during this COVID-19.
Making my Emotional Timeline went well, because I managed my time well. Everyday, I could work for a short time to finish my assignments. While my emotional timeline was going well, I had challenges in the Reliability and Bias assignment, because all of my sources seemed trustworthy to me. I had lots of struggles defining trustworthy sources and non trustworthy sources.

(I attached my Survival Guide below, because I couldn’t get the video on Thinglink)

Our Stories Make History


Booklet of my life of Covid 19

I made a booklet of special events that happened during the outbreak of Covid 19. This booklet contains paragraphs explaining the special events inside each page.

How has technology influenced humans over time?

My project is about how technology influenced humans throughout time. Below is the link to my thinglink. What worked for me was the research I did for early humans and modern days’ technology. When I did my research, I was able to get information-filled websites, which enabled me to easily grab valued information and paraphrase them. What didn’t work for me was oral reflection. I struggled a lot in writing the script because I had too many words, which made my video longer than the limited minutes for the video. Also, I kind of struggled in writing the script, because I didn’t understand the question well.

Hominids have developed through centuries and decades, developing into a closer hominid to us. Neanderthals are hominids, who I believe influenced and developed into homo sapiens, who influenced to us.

Homo neanderthals had many capabilities that helped with their survival. Homo neanderthals had large brains. They used their intelligence to become skilled toolmakers. Many types of neanderthals have been identified in many places around the world. These tools are NOT ordinary tools; these tools needed much more planning, skill and knowledge than the tools earlier hominids . have made. They learned how to make tools like knives, scrapers and spear points. When on a hunt, they used their tools to trap an animal, and kill them with spears.

Without the help of a sense of community, the homo neanderthals couldn’t have survived. When on a hunt, they worked together to hunt animals. When members of animals died, their bodies were laid in burial mounds, along with hunting tools and flowers. This suggest that the neanderthals cared for one another. Since they have a sense of community, they would have been able to learn from the experience form the wisdom of older members of the group.

In conclusion, homo neanderthals are developed hominids with a sense of community and intelligence; a hominid  looking forward to a much more developed hominid. I believe with the help of homo neanderthals, hominids could develop into homo sapiens. Which lead to homo sapiens sapiens,  us.




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