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Lightbox Reflection

During the first lesson on product design, I got struggled with download it because of the VPN connection. Because of the Covid-19, it was hard to ask a question to Mr. Laymen. I choose to make an ocean of Korea. When I was in 5th Grade, my family usually went to the ocean, and I swam a lot. But I couldn’t go to Korea, so I missed it.

I learned some techniques, and tips about Adobe illustrator. The first thing was how does the color of the layer affects the actual layer. The black color makes layers to the shape. The red color makes the layers to the hole. Also, I learned how to change the image to a layer. In addition, I knew about uniting two or more layers into one layer.


There were 3 changes I made. First, I cut one side of the wave layer so that I can make the beach easier (1), And I made the wave color and the sky color different so that I can easily recognize which is wave/sky (2). Lastly, I added other layers to the last layer which covers the box (3). This made my lightbox more realistic, and beautiful.

Humanities – Exit ticket

a. I put evidence with sources and tried to put specific evidence with number.

b. I want to make my hook short, and I want to improve my Grammar skills. Also, I want to improve my conclusion paragraph.

c. There isn’t any areas that I marked differently.

d. When I tried to find source of my evidence, I have to use easy bib, that was hard. Also, write a hook was very challenging for me. I overcome this challenge by asking question to teachers.


Percy Jackson’s behavior

Can you control your emotion? It is pretty hard. But, we should try to control our emotion. Percy hit people very easily. In page 3, when Nancy threw the sandwich to Grower’s hair, he tried to hit Nancy and said, “I’m going to kill her.” But Grover stopped what Percy did and said, “You already on probation.”  It means Percy already hit Nancy. Also, after I read chapter 1,2,3, I noticed that the other teacher didn’t believe him because of what Percy did to other bad people.

Because of Percy’s behavior of other students, most of teacher thought he can’t control himself and do not believe him. It also effected to Grover. Students who try to be bullying Grover, change their mind to teasing Percy to bullying Grover because, if they behave bad to Grover, Percy always hit them. But now, Percy is on probation, so he can’t do anything.

What if he controls himself and try to talk others without hit other people? I think the other teachers can believe him. So, he would not be on probation. I want to recommend that talk to other student or any community. In article ‘Self-management/ managing emotion,’ contain this sentence “Spend time with other people and enjoy their company will helps to manage emotions.” In my experience, I like to talk with my parents and family, so if my friends try to tease me, I try to talk with friends. After I talk with him, he apologized to me, I felt comfortable. Before go camp, Percy only talks with Grover and his mother, father. I think Percy can’t control himself and his emotion because of that.

Percy Jackson is person who cares about his friends and family(Humanity).

Percy Jackson

In Percy Jackson (The Lightning Thief), Percy is person who really cares about his friends and family. Sometimes, Percy can control himself, he always behaves kind to Grover, and his mother.

When the blanket man was chasing him in chapter 4, his mother, and Grover, he tried to go safe zone with his mother and Grover even though he knew that she can’t go safe zone. He realized that his mother wasn’t in the camp, he felt depress. I noticed that Percy cares about his family more than himself.

When Nancy Bobofit was throwing sandwich on to Grover’s head, Percy said he will kill Nancy. But he already on probation. It means he already did similar things to someone, and it also means he helped Grover a lot.

Ocean Habitat-ThingLink

-I think all the things I have learn so far are takeaway

-I want learn a new thing because I haven’t learn much yet.

-I learned about habitat.

Our Story Make history

“Lots of people Afarid of CoronaVirus” Our Stories Make History


2) I did the last project with Sway because I thought I could express the information in more detail.

3) Because other people can remember this moment when they see this data.

4) I thought this unit’s layout was good.

5) It was a little hard for me to keep a diary.


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