The Hate U Give Book Review


The book I read is called The Hate U Give, by Angie Thomas. The book is about a 17-year old black girl named Starr, who watches her best friend get shot by policemen without reason, and Starr struggling to find out who she is, and to overcome her fear and make her voice heard.  Angie Thomas believes that fear often stops people from speaking out against oppression, but in these times, we need to stand up and speak up for ourselves to fight that fear and oppression. If I was rating this book, I would give it a 9/10. It’s really interesting, good, and sheds light on some problems we have in society and how we need to fix them.

Am I a Humanist?

I think that I am a humanist. This is because many of their ideals and beliefs are similar to mine and work really well when put in use. Education being available to more people is one of the many things that have shaped our modern society, and I think that if we had even more free and available education the world could be a better place. As for the art styles and techniques used by the renaissance artists, I think that the purpose of the many artworks made by renaissance artists were noble in thought and good in design. Overall, I think I’d be about 95% humanist.