My Cardboard arcade reflection

In Grade 6 design, Annabelle(my partner) and I created a game of a Plinko and basketball game. So there’s this flicker that you could either flick the marble into the box or just drop the marble in and it’ll go into the Plinko part. It’s basically a game of luck. The marble will land into different boxes which the points you get depends on the possibility to actually get the marble in.

Skills that I’ve developed during the cardboard arcade creation is deciding what kind of cardboard piece is the strongest and cutting the board in straight lines. When you chose a piece of cardboard for a big/important/main part of the game and don’t want the cardboard to fall apart too quickly, you need to use the double-corrugation cardboard pieces, it’s stronger than the single ones. By cutting cardboard, it’s important to cut them into perfect shapes. In order to do that, you need a pencil to sketch the shape first before cutting. Having a line to follow along is a lot better than just cutting blindly.

One thing I would change is making the game bigger. Since the Plinko part is the most exciting, I would’ve made the Plinko bigger with more obstacles. The marble is getting to the bottom too fast, which means the Plinko is too short. Players will get bored quickly after just a few tries.

My biggest obstacle in making this cardboard arcade is designing and creating the design sketches. I and my partner got stuck by thinking a game and getting all the creative ideas on paper. We had no idea what to make at that time. But after getting advice from teachers, classmates, and peers, I and Annabelle thought up with the Plinko/basketball game.

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