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My favorite book when I’m a kid is hyperbole and a half. And in the book, there’s my favorite story, which is “The God of Cake”. The link up there directs you straight to the story. What I mainly like about this book is that the pictures sometimes are so funny. And the stories usually reflected some of me. The author really knew exactly what kids are thinking.  When I’m reading, I thought the main character is sometimes spilling my heart out and expressing things I always try to keep inside and not speak it out loud. Like the stuff I usually say (to myself) when parents make us kids do stuff against our will. And I’m including all the um, not-so-nice words. So now when I think about it, dad is actually the one that recommended this book. I remember reading the start and thought it’s going to be as boring as Moby Dick (which I had NO idea how I started with that book. Though, I think I just snatch it off my mom’s shelf randomly). But just to be nice (and obviously, for the most important reason: not to get in trouble about NOT being nice), I reluctantly read the book. But just shortly after I finished the introduction, the author started to tell stories that were so interesting (yeah, at least for me) that I got so sucked up into the book. I actually finished the book for under 3-4 hours (because, for some strange reasons, as the book got more exciting, I always read faster and not feel tired after hours of intense reading).

Though the main reason my favorite story is “The God of Cake” is because 1) It involved food. 2) It let me remembered some of my childhood memories of my brother, traumatizing me when mom told us to share something. But usually, I never get my portion because my brother always ate the whole thing in front of my eyes and left me nothing. Talk about cruel. This story made me felt bad when she didn’t get the cake and made me feel victory when the main character gobbled the whole thing.

So even though the story started some of my tragic memories, I still like it because of the biggest reason: it involves food.

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