“Our Story Make History” reflection

This unit, we created a major primary source about the coronavirus outbreak mainly based on our own experiences.  I’ve created a thinglink and organized the list of things I need to include mainly by date. I made the thinglink like a timeline “journey” through the start of coronavirus outbreak till now, putting every source I had collected/made throughout the unit by date. But, there are times that I grouped the things that related to each other. For example, I grouped an article about the developing vaccine along with one of my diary entries which mentioned the vaccine for COVID-19 too. They’re not placed by date but placed together because they have something in common or at least, talking about the same topic. They’ll get an idea of how the COVID-19 outbreak had impacted one’s life. Also, what strategy people used to face it.

I think what really went well during this unit is while creating my performance project. I’ve thought but a full three pages of advice and suggestions I could use while going through the coronavirus, school shutdown, e-learning, and all that stuff. I’m very proud of myself when I look back at all of the suggestions I came up with. And most importantly, they are all pretty useful since I tested every single one of them out.

During this unit, I found writing diaries a little bit challenging… I would be the first one to admit that my writing skills need improvement. There are times that I don’t even know what to write, or worse, fully express myself…

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