G6 Reflection

When I started middle school, I was most excited about the freedom they give you (like the ability to choose) and also the lunch in the middle school cafeteria. In Grade 5 step-up day, I saw how good middle schoolers eat. There are so many choices to choose from.

Though, at the start of the year, I was really worried about the teachers I’m getting for each subject. I was worried like “how am I going to survive a year with an evil teacher??” But it turns out all my teachers are very nice. I really liked all of them.

The highlight of the year is the overnight trip to the Olympic Park. Even though it’s really hot there and my skin turned a bit black after I got back, but it’s fun to spend a night with your roommate in a hotel room. Though, the lowlight of that trip is that there is a bunch of mosquitos and the food isn’t as good as Singing deer lodge.

For me, the tests for all subjects are challenges. I always want to achieve a good grade in all subjects. But it’s hard for me to do that in science. So I turned my attention and tried to focus on math, humanities, Chinese, and PE. I tried my hardest and there are nights that I need to stay up late to study. Studying is like, the best way to confront tests.

I didn’t really get any feelings for e-learning and the coronavirus pandemic. I’m like, kind of a neutral. So if you ask me did I change? My answer is probably not.

The thing I’m most proud of is the grades I got for different units. Especially humanities. I did the best on that subject.

If I get a do-over, I would try to work on my science and math harder. My test scores didn’t come out that great. Also, I would try to make sure I wake up on time so I won’t miss the bus. There’s once in the year that I miss the bus during MAP testing, so I had to walk to school. And after I got there, I missed the MAP testing time in the morning.

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