Self-confidence of Percy Jackson

Topic: How could Percy’s self-confidence be improved?

Can you feel what it’s like to score below a C- for the past 11 years of your life? And moreover, you can’t even help it, just because your brain has a low attention span? Can you feel the guilt when your mom looks at your report card with poor grades and still needs to smile really big to make you feel better? Percy, a boy from the novel “Percy Jackson”, is a middle-schooler with dyslexia and ADHD, he is facing all those problems at Yancy Academy. Percy got a habit of self-degrading himself, and what factors made him like that and how can Percy make his self-confidence improve?


“What was so great about me?” states Percy Jackson, the main character in the novel by Rick Riordan. “A dyslexic, hyperactive boy with a D+ report card, kicked out of school for the sixth time in six years.” -pg.38. It is very obvious that Percy is abased by his grades and compared to what he called “normal kids” on page 1. The other kids at Yancy academy don’t have the problems Percy has. Money, grades, reading obstacle…etc. Percy thinks he differs majorly from them since he is the only one who got those problems and the “normal kids” don’t. He stated that his special disease and poor grades made him abnormal, which made Percy feel that he should probably get a lower expectation in school. But Mr. Brunner expected me to be as good as everybody else, despite the fact that I have dyslexia and attention deficit disorder and I had never made above a C- in my life.” pg.7 But expecting that is just another sign of lacking confidence. He might as well mean he’s not good enough to do as good as the other kids in school.


The truth is, there might be some better choices he can make to improve his grades.  Summarized from multiple pieces of evidence, we can see that Percy is having quite a negative attitude towards studying. However, studying linked directly towards his grades, and improving his grades meant a boost to his confidence. With Percy’s situation, it is normal to feel studying is no use. “Finally, when our English teacher, Mr. Nicoll, asked me for the millionth time why I was too lazy to study for tests, …” ­ -pg.17. Percy probably had tried, but due to his “unnormal” diseases, he can’t help very much with his grades. But what if he finds a more preferable way to study? “The sooner you get into a good study groove, the easier everything will be, and the more your chances of getting good marks will improve.” (cite) As stated in the article of Top 10 study tips by a website called Youthcentral. Getting into a better study habit could boost your grades. Percy needs the motivation to keep studying. It can be provided by anyone. “No- he (Mr. Brunner) didn’t expect me to be as good; he expected me to be better.” Pg.7 Well, Percy’s unmotivated attitude towards studying is not going to work. The article Top 10 study tips suggested/claimed that “If you study a little every day, you’ll be continually reviewing things in your mind. This helps you understand things. It also helps you avoid the stress of last-minute cramming.” (cite) Also, another article stated Percy’s symptoms (ADHD) is what called a kinesthetic learner, “which means that you learn best when your body is engaged along with your mind.” (cite) And the tips they had given in the article are that playing with a pencil, rubber band, ball or just doing 10 jumping jacks before answering the worksheet is all ideal ways to let you focus more on studying. –How to focus on studying.


In conclusion, with an effective and suiting way of studying for Percy plus a bit of motivation, his grades will have a higher chance to improve…and the confidence boost associated along too. Percy can do well in school, even with ADHD and dyslexia. Remember, “there is no normal brain.”-New ways to think about ADHD. (cite)



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