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In this unit, we had been working on a wooden lightbox, creating a “picture” inside the box using pieces of wood, cut from the laser cutter. And the picture we’re creating is the place we missed due to COVID. I think the main skill I developed from this unit is using Adobe Illustrator, learning how to merge shapes, round corners, and create wood layers meant for laser cutting. I found it quite challenging at the beginning of using Adobe Illustrator, but after working together with my table partner (Audrey W.) and doing a lot of research, I got more familiar with the app and can work my way around with it.

The place I created in the lightbox is Tibet. Last year, my family visited there and the sites were quite beautiful. The skies are always blue and have blue lakes with a vague reflection of the mountain and the sky. Since this is the scene that I have the most impressions of, I decided to create the layers as the site I’ve seen in Tibet. I think my biggest success is getting the dimensions of my layers right after the first cut. Many people accidentally got the dimensions of the layers wrong and their layers can’t fit inside their lightbox. But mine turned out pretty accurate and fit in the box perfectly.  And after layering them together in the box, I’m very impressed with what I made and it’s exactly what I wanted. Even though I haven’t even added colors to the layers yet, I can imagine/see the beautiful scenery.

Though a thing I would change about my lightbox is (if I had another chance) taking the frame and making the sides wider. What that will do is taking my cow layer (see attached image for an overview of the layers) and glue it to the frame. And after doing that, it’ll create a little “cap” for my lightbox that I am able to take off. The design is inspired by Mr. Laymen’s lightbox since he also has a wide frame and makes a cap for his lightbox. It stops the layers from falling out and gives you a feeling of looking at a piece of painting. But the frame I made this time is too thin, which made it almost impossible for me to attach the cow layer.

I think the biggest obstacle I had during this project is deciding/planning my lightbox. During brainstorming, I thought up a few brilliant ideas and can’t quite decide on which one I should choose. Also, even though I got ideas about the place I’m missing, I had no idea at that time how my layers are going to look like. Until I finally remembered my trip to Tibet and the scenery I saw.

Overall, I think my lightbox is a success because it came out perfectly and all matched my plan. Other than the frame, I think I placed my light pretty perfectly and no “oopsie” mistakes had happened while gluing my layers. And I’m pretty satisfied with my painting. Especially the work I did on making the vague reflection of the mountain in the lake.




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