Product Design-Scent detector project reflection

Have you ever been walking on the streets and smell something delicious, but you just can’t identify what smell it is? The scent got your mouth all watery and you know it’s definitely some delicious food. But the fact that you just don’t know what is it makes you frustrating. So during product design, I made a prototype of my own scent detector. This prototype is inspired by a hairdryer and a gun. There’s a “trigger” located between the body and the handle. When you want the air to get detected, you push the trigger out and it starts sucking in the air. located inside the “body” are two sensors that will detect the smell, and transport the data to be shown on the analysis screen. At the end of the body, there is a little flap that can open and close, used for ejecting air after detection. Inbetween the sensors and the air sucker, there is a filtering piece located to keep out dust and other┬ádirty things.

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