Am I A Humanist?

Renaissance HUmanism by tszham.lam
Are you a Renaissance Humanist?

Levels of Agreement: (1-disagree, 5-completely agree)

Individualism: 5 star

Classicism: 4 star

Secularism: 5 star

Skepticism: 4 star

Looking at my levels of agreement on the 4 elements of Renaissance humanism, I think I’m definitely a humanist because I agree with most of the ideas. Even if there was some questioning of the ideas, a great majority of them seems very logical and reasonable to me. For Individualism, I think I’m on a on level 5 agreement because giving every single person a right to be respected is very important. There’s a lot of gifted people out there, so we shouldn’t treat a person differently just because they were born in a lower class. For Classicism, I’m on a level 4 agreement because Even thought there’s a lot of great ideas and philosophies we can take from the classical times, however, ancient people couldn’t be correct on everything. Therefore, sometimes maybe the ideas still have some flaws. However, Renaissance humanists improved on all the ideas they took from the past, therefore classicism is still very acceptable in my mind. For Secularism, I’m on a level 5 agreement because it’s important to focus in your present. Spending too much time thinking about your afterlife can be a total waste of time. Finally, for Skepticism, I’m on a level 4 agreement because you learn from being inquiry and questioning life. However, if you question too much, asking questions will turn into a something that makes you weary because you asked too much. But the question Renaissance period humanists proposed were mostly probing and very high in quality. Therefore skepticism is still very acceptable to me. Overall, looking back at the levels of agreement, my opinions are in unity with Renaissance humanists, therefore I would say I’m a 95% Humanist. 


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