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A Dark poem: Lamb to the slaughter

In the poem, I described an external conflict between the main character Mary Maloney and her husband, Patrick Maloney (Character vs. Character). The words used in the poem was from a short story called Lamb to the Slaughter, written by … Continue reading

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IBook-Legacies of Ancient China

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Product Design-Scent detector project reflection

Have you ever been walking on the streets and smell something delicious, but you just can’t identify what smell it is? The scent got your mouth all watery and you know it’s definitely some delicious food. But the fact that … Continue reading

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Reflect, Make an Impact & Share. Design reflection

In this unit, we had been working on a wooden lightbox, creating a “picture” inside the box using pieces of wood, cut from the laser cutter. And the picture we’re creating is the place we missed due to COVID. I … Continue reading

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Self-confidence of Percy Jackson

Topic: How could Percy’s self-confidence be improved? Can you feel what it’s like to score below a C- for the past 11 years of your life? And moreover, you can’t even help it, just because your brain has a low … Continue reading

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G6 Reflection

When I started middle school, I was most excited about the freedom they give you (like the ability to choose) and also the lunch in the middle school cafeteria. In Grade 5 step-up day, I saw how good middle schoolers … Continue reading

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G6 Science review & Thinglink Submission

1) My biggest takeaway from Grade 6 science is the stuff I learned when doing the Penguin insulator project. I learned a lot about transformed energy and heat. 2)I don’t really know. Since I don’t feel really confident with ANY … Continue reading

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“Our Story Make History” reflection

This unit, we created a major primary source about the coronavirus outbreak mainly based on our own experiences.  I’ve created a thinglink and organized the list of things I need to include mainly by date. I made the thinglink like … Continue reading

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Hi everyone! This presentation is my performance project. (I also used it as a survival guide because it works literally the same) So this is mainly about some strategies and advice that you can use to get through this whole … Continue reading

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My Favorite My favorite book when I’m a kid is hyperbole and a half. And in the book, there’s my favorite story, which is “The God of Cake”. The link up there directs you straight to the story. What I mainly … Continue reading

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