Early humans and us Thinglink project-technology

This is the thinglink project I’ve been working on and it’s about how has technology influenced humans throughout history.

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My Cardboard arcade reflection

In Grade 6 design, Annabelle(my partner) and I created a game of a Plinko and basketball game. So there’s this flicker that you could either flick the marble into the box or just drop the marble in and it’ll go into the Plinko part. It’s basically a game of luck. The marble will land into different boxes which the points you get depends on the possibility to actually get the marble in.

Skills that I’ve developed during the cardboard arcade creation is deciding what kind of cardboard piece is the strongest and cutting the board in straight lines. When you chose a piece of cardboard for a big/important/main part of the game and don’t want the cardboard to fall apart too quickly, you need to use the double-corrugation cardboard pieces, it’s stronger than the single ones. By cutting cardboard, it’s important to cut them into perfect shapes. In order to do that, you need a pencil to sketch the shape first before cutting. Having a line to follow along is a lot better than just cutting blindly.

One thing I would change is making the game bigger. Since the Plinko part is the most exciting, I would’ve made the Plinko bigger with more obstacles. The marble is getting to the bottom too fast, which means the Plinko is too short. Players will get bored quickly after just a few tries.

My biggest obstacle in making this cardboard arcade is designing and creating the design sketches. I and my partner got stuck by thinking a game and getting all the creative ideas on paper. We had no idea what to make at that time. But after getting advice from teachers, classmates, and peers, I and Annabelle thought up with the Plinko/basketball game.

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Personal Narrative- ExistingPersonal Narrative- Existing

Personal Narrative- Existing

My conclusion & introduction improved after I worked on it in class. The two paragraphs became very strong and could also hint you what the narrative is mainly about. What’s the conflict, who’s the main characters…  I also corrected a lot of verb tense problems. In my original draft, the tense I’m using is always switching, in narrative writing, it’s well, illegal (you’ll go to grammar jail). After really working on my draft, I improved it and fixed all the problems I found.

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Where I’m from

I am poem 

Judy lam 6-2 


I am from… 

The connection line of business trades from a place where people eat plain rice and salty dumplings to where people munch on tasty hotdogs and juicy hamburgers. All these foods that make your stomach gurgle and taste buds scream. 


I am from… 

The life of realistic fiction and humor. From people’s life expressed on paper, so hard to understand, but so interesting to read, making me suck up to it like a human vacuum. It’s filled with teen conflicts and friendship fights with a few bits of humor& laughs. 


I am from… 

The whining sounds of begging for food which made me feel pity, with wagging tails during dinner time. The aroma of delicious desserts, making everyone’s mouth water like the loud and enormous waterfall. Along with chunky chocolate treats placed in the middle of the mouthwatering cake. 


I am from… 

The echoing sound in the hallways, the voice shouting “Is your homework done?” added with a loud grunt and rolling eyes afterward.  


I am from… 

The favorite game of knights& trades. Happened with wheat, bricks, sheep, and wood, full of cheers and grumping.  


I am from… 

A bedroom as messy as a pigpen, which belongs to a person who always taunted me, smacked me with sour insults, from the second I started to understand words.  


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Water filter project

– we tested the basic layer of the filter, and it turns out the water goes through perfectly.

-we added the other layers and stabled them.
-result: the dirt and rocks and all the stuff are filtered, but there is still some kind of yellowish things in the leftover filtered water. The problem is, the water always leaks
from the gaps of the tape.
– next time: maybe next time we can do better by not putting too many layers, so the mainly of the water doesn’t get absorbed by the fabric and stuff.
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Me statements

I am the opposite of independent,

I am simple, hate to be complicated,

I am outgoing.

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Welcome to Your New Blog!

When you blog you create posts and posts are categorised according to your subject. Some categories have already been set up for you. If you need more categories you can add them as needed. It’s important that your posts have the following:

  • An engaging title – this should not include the name of the subject since this is referenced in the category.
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