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Final Sewable Electronics Project Blog Post

During this project, we were working on a sewable circuit. The aim for this was to able to sew the pieces to each other and be able to use the CPX. Also, we were working on how to code using the CPX.

PlanPlan of the project

Comparing the planning sheet and the final project, I had made some changes. The first change I have made was the color of the LED. I had written that there would be 2 red LEDs for the penguin’s eye in the plan. In the final, I had made one of the eyes “green”. It was green because I haven’t checked the color before sewing it down and when I was checking after I had sewn it, I found out that one was green and the other one was red. It was a funny mistake, but somehow I think this is better than two red-eyed penguin. The second change I had made was the sclera (part of the penguin eye). In the planning sheet, I had drawn that there would be sclera, and on top of it, there would be LEDs. But because having lots of layers is hard to sew, I had made a decision to not use the sclera and instead just sew the LED. This had made a better look for the penguin and it was easier to sew. The third change was the locations of the battery and the CPX. Before making the project, I wasn’t sure about where to put the CPX and the battery, but during the sewing process, I realized that the locations of CPX and battery matter of the conductive fabric and the LEDs. Since I was thinking and placing these pieces many times, I figured out the best location. The last change I made during this project was sewing my initial. During the plan, I had drawn my initial small and on the left side but on my final, I had made the initials big and sewn them on the right side corner. After changing these, I had found out that it had made my project look even better and I am happy that I had made these choices.

Plan of the circuit Before sewing the battery.  +LED

During this project, I had learned that we need patience while we are making something. The reason why I am saying I had learned this is because while I was sewing the pieces, it took a lot of time. Once, the LED didn’t work and the action I had taken was to get all of the sewn works off and re-sewn the pieces together. The one thing I don’t have was patience but because working on this class and on this project, I had learned that patience is a really important thing to have in our life. Without patience, it is really hard for us to continue and live out the world. Another thing I had learned is that listening and participating are really important. The reason I am saying this is because if I did not listen to what the teacher had taught and if I didn’t ask what I didn’t know, then it is really hard to solve the problems that I don’t know. Asking can really help out to get the solution to a problem. I think having these skills really helps us out our selves and our works. If I didn’t have these skills, then it would be hard for me to complete this work.

The challenge I had noticed during this project was the sewing part. The reason is that when I was sewing the CPX, I found it hard because I did not want the thread to be showing on the front side so I had tilted the felt a bit and then sewed it. After that, I found that the conductive thread is not tight enough and it was a bit loose.

In the future, if I had the same choice of this project I would make my penguin bigger than right now. The reason is that if I make it bigger, it would be better for me to sew the works, and also the front of the project would look even nicer than right now. As you can see in the image below, the penguin does look small, and looks like there are lots of spaces that are unused near the penguin and my initial. If I had made the penguin bigger, then it would look much more full than before and the person who is looking at it can have a better project to look at. Another point to change for the future is that to look carefully at the LED colors. The reason is that I was a bit panicked after realizing the color of the eyes was different. I think if I had carefully looked at it, then it would be so much nicer than looking like a weird penguin having the opposite eye color. Even though, I am saying this I still think my project was really good as my second sewing project. I am really impressed with how and what I have done the last couple of classes and I really appreciate the teachers who had taught me. It had really helped me and hope to work on this next time!

The front side of the project.    The backside of the project.

Reflection Blog for the Sewable Circuit

During the 6 classes, our Circuit class had designed our own sewable circuits for the project. The design I chose was the main character in Winnie the Pooh “Pooh”. The reason I had chose this design was because, for my planning, I had drawn 3 designs. The first design was a dog with a bone. The second design was a heart with an emotional face, and the third design was Pooh. The reason I had chose Pooh from these three designs was it was easier for me to sew because the other two designs had many layers on top of each. Also, this character had looked better than the other two. The reason why I had close sewing a pin was because actually, I don’t really read a lot so that means I don’t need a bookmark for me to use. Also, I thought the bookmark was too big for me if I had to carry it outside. When I saw the Among Us on a pin project, it had tracked my eyes because it was small and really popped up, so that was another reason why I had chose to work on a pin. The proudest part was when I had chosen the color yellow and red. The reason I had chose this part was because it took me some time to chose what color should I sew for the clothes and the skin color. Then, I had chosen the original colors and it had looked better than I had thought.


Plan.                         Before sewing.                The backside after sewing.        Image of the front.


It was my first time working on sewing. While I was learning how to sew, it was hard because it was my first try, and heard from some of the adults that you can poke your finger often. That was a fear for me the first time, but after learning it, it was pretty fun and I had spent a good time learning and practicing this skill. From now, I am gonna tell you the challenge that I had faced. I had chosen to draw the small black pieces like eyebrows, eyes, nose, and mouth. I had found some hard time cutting out the small pieces so I had decided to draw those parts using a black pen, then realized that there were some black pens but it was hard for us to use because it does not really dry well. I had asked the teacher and she said that “not many people had success when they had used those pens, I recommend you to bring a pen if you have one or you can even use the black colored pencil.” That was when the light had lighted up my mind. I had used a black colored pencil and a normal pencil. I had used the pencil first for the plan and realized that it was also hard because the led doesn’t really show up clearly. Then, I had used the colored black pencil on the top and it was also a mess. Although, I had faced these hard problems I didn’t give up and kept using my power to solve this problem. When I went home, I saw a thick black pencil and thought of if this will work. I brought it to school and saw that this pen had worked. I was so happy and proud of myself for trying hard to solve a problem. Another hard part I found was when I was sewing, I had sewn the felts for the Pooh first and then sewn my LED and the battery holder. When I was sewing the LED and the battery holder, I found that because the thread “conductive thread” was thicker than the usual threads it was harder to pass through several layers of felts. My battery holder was placed on the opposite place of Pooh’s head and noticed that if I go through the whole felt and sew, then when I flip over Pooh’s head will be messy with the threads. SO, it took me more time to sew the battery holder with carefulness and prettiness. Some tips for the students next semester are that plan out which parts you are going to sew first and then sew. It will be a time saver and if you do the same steps as I did, then you will find out harder. Also, when you are choosing 1 design from your 3 designs, choose something that has fewer layers and something that looks clean and simple will be the best choice you ever made. The reason I am telling you this is because if you choose a design that has lots of layers and something that is complicated then it would be harder to let the thread pass through the felts and takes tons of time to complete the project. The new thing I want to learn based on this project is that how to sew small pieces of felts into the base felt and also how to sew perfectly around the edges of the felts. For the small pieces, I want to learn this because then I don’t have to draw the pieces and just cut and sew. The sewing perfectly around the edge is because when I look at my final project, I can see that the threads are a bit curvy and not pretty. If I learn how to sew it perfectly, then my project will look better than before.






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