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Am I a Humanist? (infographic)

Link for the Infographic

Hello, I am Julia Liu from grade 8. This blog is about an infographic based on Renaissance Humanism. This unit is about Renaissance and this project is about Humanism. Humanism basically means the revival of interest in the classical ideals of Greece and Rome or the other sentence to explain this is saying belief in human ideas/philosophy and a value of individuals (individualism). In this project, we have to add 4-5 main elements that had influenced Humanism during the renaissance. This means we have to choose 4-5 elements that are part of humanism and had influenced the most. As you can see in my infographic, you can see what I chose as the main 4 elements. Also, at the bottom of the infographic, you can see rates. The rating is for how my “I” agree and disagree about am I a humanist or not. For 2 of them, I wrote agree and for the other 2, I did disagree. Based on the 4 elements I chose and rated, I think I am a humanist but on the other hand, I might not be a humanist. the reason is that from the rating I did, it is hard to clarify which part I am more closer to.  If I must choose one, I will choose I am a humanist. The reason I chose yes is that except for the catholicism element, I mostly think it is a yes even though I rated 2 for realism. 


Conflict of Found Poem “The Last Kiss”


The story “The Last Kiss” by Ralph Fletcher is about an eight-year-old kid’s last goodnight kiss from his/her parents, especially from his/her father. The main conflict that appears in this story is about the main character’s father does not give the main character goodnight kisses after he starts to get busy. The main character finds it a bit weird, so he/she tried several times to get a goodnight kiss, but after all, he/she still did not get a single kiss. Instead, his/her father just used the word “Goodnight.” As I read this story, I found it a little bit sad that at the end, the main character realizes that he/she was too old for a kiss. He/she was just 8 when he/she realized this. Since he/she did not get a kiss from his/her father, he/she decides to not get a kiss from his/her mother as well. If you look at my work, you can see that the background is an image of a father and a son holding hands. (We are not sure if the main character is a boy or a girl, but I think it is more likely to be a boy, so I chose the image as a son and a father.) The reason I chose this image as my background description is that I wanted to show the readers that these were the main two characters in this story and a deep story between the two of them.

While I was creating this, I spent a bit of time deciding where to put my poem because the image I chose will have a lot of meaning to it depending on where I put the poem. This is because this image is showing the good relationship between a son and a father that is why they are holding hands, but the story “the last kiss” is actually about an awkward relationship between the main character and his/her father because his/her father decides to not give a goodnight kiss. It’s hard to say what kind of relationship they are, but for me, I think this is an awkward relationship because of the action he/she and his/her father did.

This story can mean after the conflict happened, there was a wall between the father and the son/daughter where it can be visible but also it can’t be visible. I wanted to show this relationship in my design so I thought of using the poem to hide the holding hand’s part, but on the other hand, this story can also mean because of this the two of them can have a special feeling about themselves. In this part, I wanted to show the holding hands part because I wanted to send the message that you can reform the relationship after you and someone else had some conflict with each other. This is why the image on top of this blog is a gif, I wanted to show both of them. Hope that after you read this explanation, you can help me decide how can I do with the image I chose. Also, help me see if the image, the poem relate to this explanation.

How does ADHD and Positive relationship impact Percy’s choices & How can ADHD and Positive relationship be improved to Percy’s behavior

In Chapter 1-3 from the Lightning thief book, Percy had made several choices, and these are the impacts and improvements he can make. ADHD had impact Percy’s choices because he had blurted out answers, gets distracted, cannot concentrate, and keeps struggle in the class. There are few ways to improve Percy’s behavior of ADHD is moving his body often and work on what he is interested in. Additionally, reducing stress and increases his happiness is the impact to Percy about the positive relationship and writing letter, act kindly, gives presents, and doing small gestures can improve his behavior.  

ADHD impacts Percy’s choices because he sometimes blurts out answers, easily gets distracted, he could not concentrate on the class and struggle with studying and Percy’s behavior could be improved is by moving his body frequently and do what he is interested in. For example, of ADHD impacts Percy’s choices are, on page 5, Percy blurts out “will you shut up, it came out louder than I meant to.” According to the Newsela article, it had mentioned that people who have ADHD have a hard time being quiet, can’t manage themself and that they get easily distracted by other small things. On page 17, Percy had also said “my grades slipped from D’s to F’s, I got into more fights with Nancy and her friends, I was sent out into the hallway in almost every class.” In the article about a different view of ADHD, it had mentioned that people who have ADHD could not pay attention/focus on the class and what the teacher says also they make easy small mistakes. The way Percy’s behavior could be improved is by trying to move his body and do something that he is interested in. According to the Newsela article, it had said “they like to be outdoors and move their body.” This means that going outside and do some moving activities would help Percy to improve his behavior, so Percy can ask the teacher if they could go outside and do some exercises or some outdoor games to make himself move. Another way to improve Percy’s behavior is by focusing on what he likes and what he is interested in. In the article where it had mentioned about how we can help people to improve ADHD, it said that “they might be very focused when something interests them, whether it is Lego or music.” This means when people who have ADHD do what they like or what they are interested in, they can improve their own behavior, so Percy can find what he wants to do and do that instead of something that makes him mad or de-concentrate. However, blurting out answers, being distracted, could not concentrate on class works, and struggling with studying are the impacts of ADHD on Percy, moving his body and do what he is interested in is the way of improving his own behavior.  


Positive relationships impact Percy by helping him to reduce his stress and increase his happiness, writing a letter, acting kindly, giving presents, and doing small gestures can improve Percy’s behavior. For example, of positive relationship impacts Percy is on page 44, Grover had said “I am your friend.” This shows that their friendship is deep. Another example of this is on page 3, Percy had said “Grover tried to calm me down.” According to the Newsela article, it had said “the support offered by a caring friend can provide a buffer against the effects of stress.” Another example of a positive relationship impacting Percy is on page 32-33, Percy had said, “My mom can make me feel good just by walking into the room.” In the article of having a good friend can improve our well-being, it had mentioned having a personal relationship can help you to reduce stress, increase happiness, and make yourself confident. The way to improve Percy’s behavior is by writing a letter. According to the Newsela article, it had said “However, old-fashioned letter writing can be one way to reconnect.” This means writing a kind letter can make you and your friend feel calm and the letters can also make the friendship better and tighter. Another way to improve Percy’s behavior is by acting kindly, giving presents, and doing small gestures. In the Newsela article, it had mentioned “Consider giving friends nonmaterial gifts, like acts of kindness. Even small gestures can make difference.” This means giving small gifts and acting kindly works well, but also doing a small gesture can make a big difference between you and your friend (friendship). As a result, reducing stresses and increasing happiness are the impacts to Percy about a positive relationship, the way to improve Percy’s behavior is by writing a letter, doing small gestures, or giving small presents help.  


Percy had made a range of choices in Chapter 1-3 from the book, but there are impacts and improvements he can make to change his behaviors. Percy had blurted out answers, he gets distracted, cannot focus on class works and struggles in-class time are the impact to Percy about ADHD. The ways to solve these problems are moving his body and work on what he likes/interest are also the ways to improve Percy’s behavior. Importantly, the impacts of a positive relationship to Percy are reducing stress and increasing happiness, and he can write a letter, acts kind to people, gives them small gifts, or doing small gestures can make a big difference, and also it can improve his behavior.  

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