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Product Design Smell Detector Prototype





This is my smell detector prototype from Product Design. On the top, there is a screen+camera lens attached that is connected to the screen on the front.  This idea is from the smartphone attachment. On the side, there is a charging spot you can use to charge the smell detector. On the front, there are a on/off and a digital screen. You can turn it off when you are not using; therefore, you don’t waste battery. For the digital screen, it shows you smells in different colors. Specifically, if you face the lens in front of you, it will scan the smells with a special scanner inside the lens and show that in the digital screen with multiple colors. For example, if there is a sweet smell in front of you, the screen will show it in red and you can follow that smell to find out where it’s coming from. This idea is from the heat detector gun, so it’ll be easier to think as that. This is all for my smell detector! Thank you!

Lightbox Reflection

For our first unit in Product Design, we were challenged to create a lightbox using a laser cutter. We chose a memorable and special place that we miss or wish to go to and designed it as a lightbox layer using adobe illustrator. I decided to create a landscape that shows Shanghai since I used to live there and failed to go there during the break because of COVID-19.

My biggest success was learning how to use adobe illustrator. I didn’t really master everything but I knew enough information to help others. I tried solving problems by myself and fixed them by searching up or discovering new things.

Something I’d like to change about my lightbox is the painting. When I saw the wood layers with no colors, I thought it was very cool and awesome. As I got closer to finish the painting, I realized that the colors tone was all dark and somber. It still looks great but if I have a chance, I hope I can use more variety of colors.

One piece of feedback I got from my classmate was making the Shanghai tower layer attached to the lid. I have four layers in total: the sky, buildings, the tower, and the river. It was totally fine with placing the tower in the middle, but I think it would’ve been more outstanding if I did it that way.

One piece of advice I’d give a future student doing this project would be making your lightbox simple but detailed. It might not make sense, but what I mean is keep the shapes simple but add details inside. Sometimes it can be a little boring when it’s too simple, so it is good to put in some details. Also, you must listen to the teachers well to complete this project successfully. When we learned about how to create layers in illustrator, it was confusing and difficult so the best way to understand it was by listening carefully and following the instruction.

Overall, I think my lightbox wasn’t bad, because I think it looks great. Although it has some parts that I don’t like or looks bad, I think it turned out pretty well and fine. Since it was my first time doing this project, I learned many things and enjoyed it so much!

How does ADHD impact Percy’s choices and how can he improve?

How does ADHD impact Percy’s choices and how can he improve? 

Have you ever got stress in a sudden or ruin your school life? For most of us, we have different emotions and ways to control them. Some relationships might be the reason for those feelings too. In the book Percy Jackson, there are many decisions that Percythe protagonist, made through the story. Since he has ADHD, these choices are not like ordinary humansADHD impacts Percy’s choices and positive relationships can affect his health and emotions. There are ways to change his behavior so that he cannot make these situations anymore or make troubles in publicThese are some evidence and examples from Percy Jackson chapter one to three that proves this. 

Dealing with ADHD impacts Percy’s choices because he makes careless mistakes, fidgets a lot and gets impulsive for his speech. In page two, Percy states, “Like at my fifth-grade school, … I had this accident with a Revolutionary War cannon.”, … at my fourth-grade school, … our class took an unplanned swim.” In an article about ADHD, it says “These symptoms include fidgeting, difficulty playing quietly or waiting for a turn and blurting out answers in class.” In page five, Percy shouts, “’Will you shut up?’… It came out louder than I meant too.” This shows that he had difficulty managing his emotion and blurted out words he did not mean to at others. In the same article, it said that “people with ADHD also do their best in stimulating environments. They like to be outdoors and move their bodies.” To improve these behaviors, we can make a stimulating environment for Percy and have some body activities prepared, so that Percy won’t get bored easily. People with ADHD often have hard time focusing on one thing, but stays focused on things they’re interested in. By using this strategy, we can also make him get interested in learning so he can focus more on school which will give him higher grades and better attitude. Therefore, ADHD impacts Percy’s choices, but can be improved by some changes in his environment. 

Having positive relationships can affect Percy’s health, mental health and emotions. In page 23~33, Percy quotes“My mother can make me feel good just by walking into the room… I was really really glad to see her. This explains thaSally Jackson, Percy’s mother, and Percy has a very positive relationship that she can clear all his stresses from Gabe and make him feel better. In page 2, Percy says, “But Mr. Brunner, out Latin teacher, was leading this trip, so I had high hopes.” This demonstrates that Percy has a teacher in school, who he can rely on and trust more. A quote from an article about positive relationship says, “… friendship bonds can help… increase happiness and bolster self-confidence.”, “The support offered by a caring friend can provide a buffer against the effects of stress.” This quote connects to Percy’s relationships, which means positive relationships can make him healthy and change emotions. 

In conclusion, Percy has hard time in school, home and other places because of the choice he makes. These choices are impacted by ADHD which creates these cases. For example, field trip accident, impulsive speech and his attitude in school. These behaviors can be improved in many ways such as, making a stimulating environment, preparing activates etcetera. Positive relationships can make him deal with stress and control his emotions too. In the book, he faces many problems, but his teacher, family and friends help him along. All this evidence supports the state and shows that ADHD impacts human’s choices and positive relationships help you both physically and emotionally. 

Habitat Mini Project

This is my Habitat Mini Project from science. I used Thinglink for my final project. In this unit, we learned about ecosystems and others like food web models and different levels in the food webs too!

What is your biggest take away from 6th grade science?

I think my biggest take away in grade 6 science way learning about different energies and how it flows. I really liked when we did some investigations and simulations(?). During this learning, I learned a lot of energy types and they were all very interesting.

What would you like to work on for next year in science?

I don’t have a specific answer about I want to learn this. I think every science unit was fun and unique. I think any learnings in science will be good.

Our Stories Make History Final Project

Our stories make history unit was about our challenges and experiences during these days where there is Coronavirus quickly spreading. This unit had some awesome tiny projects like Timeline, College and this final project shows all of them.
I used Thinglink to organize my projects. I chose this because Thinglink can include several projects in one huge project and they’re very clear to see.
This primary source will be useful because it has my experiences in this project and I’m the person who were actually in that time(which means these are all true and reliable facts).
I think I was most proud of this final project. When I look at it, I can see how hard I worked. This shows all the projects so I think this is my best project for Our stories make history unit.
What I found challenging was E-learning. We were communicating and doing all those thing with only this laptop so I felt this was kind of complicating and challenging.

Creative Performance Assignment

This is my creative performance assignment project. I chose to do drawings because It relaxes me when I draw. In the left side, it shows my excitement feeling and the other side shows fear. I drew this with tablet.


Dear Abby Letter

In humanities, we had to make a letter to Abby about asking for solution/advise about the problem happening to ‘me’ (a protagonist of a book). I wrote the letter in Stanley Yelnats point of view from book ‘Holes’.

Here is my Dear Abby Letter: Dear Abby Letter

Early Humans and Us

This is my project for early humans and us. My research topic was technology and my research question was “How have tools for hunting changed over time?”. Down here is my thinglink which includes an infographic, two pieces of primary source, a video, work cited and a short description about oldowan. Thanks

Cup Insulator (Save The Energy!)

This is our cup insulator. How this works it that you put on a mug and stick the Velcro together and tie the strings, then it will be stabled. Because the foam traps the hot air steam coming out of the hot boiling water, it will stay warm for a long time and the blanket has the fur so it will keep it warm.

I am very proud of my paper model because when every group was making lid and body split but our group came up with a 3D shape design model, so our paper model was awesome.

If I can go back, I will probably use foil and foam for the cup insulator body.

Today, the cup insulator we are using takes huge amount of energy. We all think that that tiny amount of energy doesn’t affects anything to earth but as the amount of energy you used, stacks up, that can cause global warming. We all know sometimes it might be just waste of time to make our own insulator, if you use your free time for making insulator, we can save more energy and you will feel good whenever you drink hot drinks inside a cup with the cup insulator around it!

I think that the hardest thing about this project is that making the real design I guess, because we are not an expert at this, sometimes the results comes out in a opposite of our thoughts so it is confusing but I realized that this helps us to learn more.

Now that I know how to make a cup insulator, I think that maybe I can try to make one at home!


My Metaphor Map

This is my metaphor map called ‘The Mystery Island’. This took about a week to finish and it has 10 elements in this map, this is is what the elements represents…


Family is a plain, which is peaceful all the time.

Violin is a mountain, which I have more to go up.

Friendship is a river, that goes on forever.

My sister is a volcano, starting to explode soon.

Twice is an oasis, rescued me from a desert.

My sadness is a lonely island, far away from other feelings.

Studying is a forest, lost from looking for success.

My memories are a lake, that is a part of the island(me).

Math is a desert, trying to kill me.

My secrets are an ocean, that is hidden deep inside.


Thank you.

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