Last Kiss by Ralph Fletcher

Where is the conflict in Last Kiss?

This part is the Last Kiss’s conflict where I took the screenshot (Well, good night~squeezed my shoulder). Because firstly, the main character said that the main character kisses his mother and father a good night kiss before going to bed every night. So that day, just like any other day, her mother gave the main character a good night kiss. And then, the main character went to the basement to get a goodnight kiss from the main character’s father. Father seems very busy. But that day, the main character’s father didn’t kiss to main character. Father told the main character to good night other than kissing. The main character felt that it would not be good for the the main character to ask  the main character’s father to kiss  the main character. Because when the father said that  the main character felt in his voice that was different from usual that I should not ask again about good night kiss. The main character stunned because he didn’t give the kiss he always did. However, the main character fell asleep in a bewildered and absurd state. Next night, the main character went to his father, trying to ask him once again. But, unlike usual, father came to home very late. The main character tried to ask, but the the main character felt that I should not ask again. Consequently, confusion arose in his mind about father giving the goodnight kiss, and the next night he found out that he was now too old to receive the goodnight kiss. The the main character had a lot of psychological changes because his father didn’t good night kiss to the main character  and the main character knew the main character had grown up a lot now. Therefore, this part is the conflict of the Last kiss. In addition, Last Kiss’s conflict is people vs people conflict.

Why did I chose these words?

Because those words are showing the core of the conflict in Last kiss. The main conflict of the Last kiss is the main character had a lot of psychological changes because of the main character’s father. Thus, I chose to underline the words that why did the main character changed his/her mind.