Theme Statement: Do not bully people because something is different with me or the something is rare such as name (the main themes are about racism and the consequences it can lead to the life of a “young person”. Genesis, has been bullied by her classmates because of her skin colour and name)


First: “Every family has some form of crazy, trust me.” which shows family problems

Second: “I do not need a bunch of fake friends. I only need one. One real friend” which shows friends problems

Third: “So that rolling around in milk thing was stupid. So was the baking soda experiment. And I am embarrassed to confess that for three months straight, I’d sit with yogurt on my face for fifteen minutes every night…” which shows racism.

Quick Summary: This book is about a 13-year-old African American girl living in Detroit but there are two  problems: her father’s gambling and alcohol addictions.