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Marine Pollution: Most Serious Problems Happening on Earth Right Now


Billions of pounds of wastewater, garbage; and chemicals enter the ocean each year.


Marine Pollution: Value of Water

Every single minute, a truck full of garbage enters the ocean. The oceans make up 97.5% of the Earth’s water. Water, water is a major component of all living things on Earth. It is essential for all known forms of life, even if it does not provide food, energy, or nutrients. Water is an indispensable element to humans and all living things. As our body is composed of about 60-70% water, if humans do not drink clean water, they may die within 3 days. Then, what if the water is contaminated? There will be a very big emergency on Earth. If water is polluted, many problems will arise on Earth. Even now, the water continues to be polluted. Thus, Marine pollution is constantly being mentioned which means it has profoundly affected the Earth, so many people are trying to prevent and address marine pollution.


Factors and Types of Marine Pollution

The marine environment is polluted from a variety of sources and forms. The major causes of marine pollution include the inflow of chemicals, radioactive elements, oil, and wastewater discharge and outflow. It is said that industrial facilities discharge millions of tons of toxic substances, including PCBs, dioxins, industrial flame retardants, wastewater, and persistent organic compounds which are ‘PFAS’, into the oceans or rivers. Additionally, it is plastic. “Plastic” may be the first word that comes to mind when thinking of marine pollution. As such, plastic is the main culprit and factor that further exacerbates marine pollution. The chemicals in plastic are toxic, and fish recognize plastic as a portion of food and eat it, which can be leading to death in many cases. Lastly, oil. There was a case of this, is the large-scale oil spill at sea in California. Countless fish died that day, and many people who live nearby that ocean stated that “it feels like just breathing in the vicinity of the ocean would smell like oil”. As a result, the main factors of marine pollution are all basically about factories, companies, and research institutes that conduct experiments on wastewater from artificial substances such as chemicals, wastewater, plastics, and oil spills.


Types of Marine Pollution and Their Impacts on Oceans

Based on the factors of marine pollution, there are 4 main types of Marine pollution which are Eutrophication, Toxins, Acidification, and Plastics. Firstly, Eutrophication. Chemical nutrients, including mainly nitrates and phosphates, are excessively increased in water by chemical substances, which causes eutrophication or nutrient pollution. Additionally, eutrophication has been shown to lower oxygen levels, degrade water quality, and significantly affect reproductive processes within marine life. Secondly, toxins. There are very toxic toxins in marine ecosystems. When mainly talking about them, many people are talking about pesticides, DDT, PCBs, furans, TBT, radioactive waste, phenols, and dioxins. These toxins cause “bioaccumulation”, causing mutations. Furthermore, acidification. As many scientists have proven, the ocean serves as a natural reservoir for carbon dioxide from the Earth’s atmosphere. However, in recent years, the world’s oceans are naturally “acidifying” because of the world’s oceans as carbon dioxide levels rise sharply from coal, and oil, such as factory atmospheric gas. It is also said to have a major adverse effect on the reproduction of marine life. Lastly, plastics. Plastics are now the most common and most well-known of the existing marine pollution on Earth. About 80% of the trash found in the sea is plastic. What makes this plastic so serious is that fish mistake it for food and eat it, suffocate it, swallow it, and get entangled. This is one of the biggest causes of fish death. Is there really a way to address these four types of marine pollution?


Solution 1: Government, Organizations

What can governments and organizations do in order to address marine pollution?


“The United Nations is an intergovernmental organization whose purpose is to maintain international peace and security, develop friendly relations between nations, achieve international cooperation, and become a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations” (un.org). The description of the United Nations written on this official United Nations website shows how indispensable the United Nations is to the world. As an international organization with that much influence, we need to have more meetings, recognizing that it is necessary to deal with marine pollution, which is one of the biggest problems of the earth, in detail and focus. There are many things the UN can do. First, UN Member States, whether it is More Economically Developed Countries or Less Economically Developed Countries, list cases or damage to marine pollution in each country, and organizations such as organization and Greenpeace related to marine pollution among non-governmental organizations Ask for help and More Economically Developed Countries who are financially, economically; or even more advanced help less Economically Developed Countries. And the government must campaign. The content should once again make the public aware of how serious marine pollution is and promote it with the slogan to stop marine pollution together. There are ways to promote it, such as advertisements on social media platforms such as Billboard and YouTube, classes to discuss marine pollution in the school curriculum or serious problems that are avoiding the planet, and seminars at companies. Additionally, marine pollution causes tremendous damage not only to humans but also to animals.


Solution 2: What can students or normal people do so as to address marine pollution?

The public has less power than the government and organizations. This means that the influence is weaker. However, there is an old saying that goes like this. “More dust and mountains”. This means that if a person keeps collecting 1 cent, one day he or she may have 100 dollars. Therefore, even if the power is weak, if the power is united, the influence will inevitably be strong. Hence, in order to reduce marine pollution, the general public should never dispose of garbage such as plastic, which is the biggest cause of marine pollution.

Due to the hot weather in summer, many people come to the sea to play in the water to cool off. As people eat and drink food or beverages, they produce garbage, which is often thrown into the sea. Thus, it’s only natural for beach officials to put up signs saying don’t throw the trash into the sea or near the sea but put it in the trash cans, and people are obliged to follow it. Additionally, the plastic must also be removed. Now, every day, tons of plastic waste are found in the ocean. So, if people see garbage on the beach, people must do the good deeds of picking it up and throwing it in the trash can so that this sea doesn’t suffer.


Solution 3: What can students or normal people do in order to solve marine pollution?

Finally, it is important to properly recycle. Most people have probably heard the term recyclables at least once in their lives. Of course, if people use recyclable plastic, they must recycle it after use. Currently, only 9% of plastic is recycled on the planet. This will prevent used plastic from going to the ocean and reduce the amount of new plastic.



In conclusion, ocean pollution is a really serious problem, and governments, governments, organizations, and the public all must use a lot of solutions, including recycling, school education, campaigns, etc. to stop ocean pollution to solve it. Let’s all make a clean sea and clean earth!





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America Revolution Robert’s Journal_Shin_Junseo

What I learned from writing this American Revolution Journal:

American Revolution_Junseo

This video is made by Junseo, Jenny , and Mars

What I did when making this video:

Editing the video, add several details on script such as the date and historical facts and some humour, and making the video(speaking).

What I learned from this event:

Collaboration with friends, and skills of making videos

Quiet Power by Susan Cain_Junseo Shin

Quiet Power by Susan Cain

Susan Cain(the author of Quiet Power) shows in her book that introverts pursue quiet and more minimally stimulating environments.

Summary of Quiet Power by Susan Cain: there are many examples that introverts are facing difficult situations especially at school or in society.

Central Idea: introversion is overlooked by society/there is no avoiding fact that introverts are facing challenging situations in their life. However, by changing the right tools and education style introverts can not only persevere but flourish.


  1. Always be yourself. (does not matter you are an introvert or extrovert, you are a significant part/one of society.
  2.  Many places need introverts and extroverts to be successful. (talks about the relationship between Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr.)
  3. Nothing wrong with being an introvert.

I really like this book and when you scroll down, please notice the central idea and themes of this book!!

We live in an extroverted world. We admire the people who know how to draw attention to themselves such as pop stars, movie stars, models, divas, etc. At school, those who regularly raise their arm are usually the ones who get the better grades, and in the working world, it’s often those who shout the loudest who ascend the career ladder fastest.  In chapter 1, the author(Susan Cain) is introducing the definition of introverts and extroverts and says that introverts are ideal. As I read further, I saw so many sentences describing and showing that introverts are overlooked by a society which is the central idea of this book. Additionally, by giving the example of Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks on page 12, I realized that theme of the book is introverts and extroverts, both are needed for the society to succeed.  Hence, there were one central idea and one theme in chapter 1.

  • used bullet points, short write’ in response to questions or showing your personal reflections, and arguments.

Second theme: There is nothing wrong with being introverted.

In chapter 2, the summary of chapter 2 is basically introverts can excel in the classroom when teachers provide the right environment. In this chapter, the author(Susan Cain) argues that “introverts are afraid of speaking in front of the whole class” is just their(introverts’) perspective, they just birthed with it. With this, I noticed that the author tries to message readers that there is nothing wrong with introverts. Thus, there was a second theme in chapter 2.

  • used bullet points, mind map, narrative/information.

Third theme: Always be yourself

In chapter 4, the main idea is a fear of loneliness should not make introverts compromise on a real relationship. The author argues that one close/true relationship is equal or better than a bunch of acquaintances. Because one close friendship has higher credibility and can help each other more. Thus, always be yourself is a really suitable sentence in this chapter. p.91 is also supporting this theme too. Therefore, there was a third theme of this book in chapter4.

Thank you for making it all the way to the bottom of my post. If you are interested in this topic, check out the book Quiet Power by Susan Cain.

(+someone might be curious why are there chapters 1,2, and 4 which are the beginning of the book. It is because the middle and final part of the book is just an example of a situation of introverts and tips for introverts, so the main idea is all at the beginning of the book.)

Genesis Begins Again_Book Talk_Junseo Shin

Theme Statement: Do not bully people because something is different with me or the something is rare such as name (the main themes are about racism and the consequences it can lead to the life of a “young person”. Genesis, has been bullied by her classmates because of her skin colour and name)


First: “Every family has some form of crazy, trust me.” which shows family problems

Second: “I do not need a bunch of fake friends. I only need one. One real friend” which shows friends problems

Third: “So that rolling around in milk thing was stupid. So was the baking soda experiment. And I am embarrassed to confess that for three months straight, I’d sit with yogurt on my face for fifteen minutes every night…” which shows racism.

Quick Summary: This book is about a 13-year-old African American girl living in Detroit but there are two  problems: her father’s gambling and alcohol addictions.

Last Kiss_Found Poem_Junseo Shin


Last Kiss by Ralph Fletcher

Where is the conflict in Last Kiss?

This part is the Last Kiss’s conflict where I took the screenshot (Well, good night~squeezed my shoulder). Because firstly, the main character said that the main character kisses his mother and father a good night kiss before going to bed every night. So that day, just like any other day, her mother gave the main character a good night kiss. And then, the main character went to the basement to get a goodnight kiss from the main character’s father. Father seems very busy. But that day, the main character’s father didn’t kiss to main character. Father told the main character to good night other than kissing. The main character felt that it would not be good for the the main character to ask  the main character’s father to kiss  the main character. Because when the father said that  the main character felt in his voice that was different from usual that I should not ask again about good night kiss. The main character stunned because he didn’t give the kiss he always did. However, the main character fell asleep in a bewildered and absurd state. Next night, the main character went to his father, trying to ask him once again. But, unlike usual, father came to home very late. The main character tried to ask, but the the main character felt that I should not ask again. Consequently, confusion arose in his mind about father giving the goodnight kiss, and the next night he found out that he was now too old to receive the goodnight kiss. The the main character had a lot of psychological changes because his father didn’t good night kiss to the main character  and the main character knew the main character had grown up a lot now. Therefore, this part is the conflict of the Last kiss. In addition, Last Kiss’s conflict is people vs people conflict.

Why did I chose these words?

Because those words are showing the core of the conflict in Last kiss. The main conflict of the Last kiss is the main character had a lot of psychological changes because of the main character’s father. Thus, I chose to underline the words that why did the main character changed his/her mind.




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