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The Martian Podcast

This is a podcast I made for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Enrichment. Me and Robin are discussing about the book “The Martian”

Smell Detector Prototype

For the new unit, Mr. Layman presented us with a very different challenge: Build a prototype of something that detects smell.¬† We later analyzed a series a handheld products such as the temperature gun, a old phone etc… Some classes after that, we created a design sketch to start create a final model. My product is based on a phone and a game controller. My has a filter that takes in the smell and then a in-built¬† smell catalog (in the phone) will scrutinize the smell and then will show results.


(Due to camera unavailability, there are no images in this post)

Lightbox Refleection

In design class, we are making a Lightbox since during COVID-19, we could not travel, so we made a location that we missed. I chose the Izmir clock tower in Turkey since this is where my Grandmother lives. During the process of making the Lightbox I learned how to use Adobe Illustrator and I was fascinated by the laser cutting machine. One change I would like to make is to make the box bigger. One thing I am looking forward to is lighting the box at night since there are LED’s in the box.

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