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Early Humans and Us

Our humanities class has a big project named Early Humans and Us. It is a project about the ascend from early humans to modern humans. There are three topics in the project: technology, diet, and community. I chose diet. This is my thinglink. Hope you learn something from it!


  1. Your post is very neat and has lots of information of what early humans ate.

  2. Your thinglink background picture is really good and I like how it has lots of information about the connection between what early humans ate and what modern humans eat.

  3. The organization of your Thinglink is great, and it clearly shows the relationship between the diet of early humans and the diet of modern humans, as well as how tools have shaped and influenced our diets.

  4. I liked how the backround was linked to the topic and how its simple but still showed a good amount of info.

  5. You did a great job of organizing the information about early humans and us.

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