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My Favorite

This is a photo of my old 3d grade class. This is really important to me because some of my most epic memories (embarrassing and funny!) were made there. I am the girl smiling in the first row, the second left. My BFF, or best friends forever (who I had to leave behind when I moved here!) is the girl also in the front row, the second right. Warning: this is a bit personal! My old crush is the boy in the third row, the immediate right, the one with curly golden hair, a funny expression, and glasses. Live back then was simpler…


  1. I think pictures are very important it always brings back memories, I also have a picture of my class in 2nd grade. Every time I look at it, it brings back memories that I really miss, my best friend back then people the left and so on. Picture’s are really important to me.

  2. I like pictures. to others it’s not that interesting but when the person in the picture looks at it, its a whole new story…

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