During the fifth-grade summer break, I thought that sixth grade would be like teenager stuff like really advanced math and chemistry. I was kind of disappointed when it wasn’t, but during this year, I found out that sixth grade is much much more interesting! I’ve had so much fun, even with this pandemic going on. My teachers have made sixth grade enjoyable and interesting, and I want to thank them for that. Too bad some of my teachers are leaving, and I will really miss them. I just want them to know that I will always remember them and thank them for all that they taught me.

When I started middle school, I was most excited about the lockers, how grown-up we are going to be, and generally that I am not going to be in elementary school anymore. Now, don’t get me wrong, but I love elementary school, I have a lot of fond memories, but to be honest? I felt a little relieved that I can be in a different environment. Now that I am looking back on my experiences, I learned how valuable they are to me.

I have made new friendship bonds and some of them just fell apart this year. I know that eventually that even the strongest bond might break, but for now, I am enjoying it. I will hang on onto the friends I have and have fun! I know that I will make new friends and break up with old ones, and I am kind of scared, but the prospect of new friends is exciting to me. I don’t like change, but sometimes even I understand that it is necessary, and sometimes even welcomed!

Something I am really looking forward to seventh grade is the Future Space! I think it is so cool, and I want to go there. I have peeked in there and saw students learning really cool stuff, and the space itself is really cool. There is like a well-like cylinder that looks down into the library and there is a mini auditorium with tiers of comfy pillows that looks down into a white-board. I assume that it is for announcements. So, anyway, I think it is really cool, and I am thinking about applying.

So that is some of my experiences of sixth grade. I am enjoying middle school a lot, and am eager to go on into seventh grade. See you next year!