n the book, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, I think that Percy’s main character trait is loyal to his friends. In chapter 1, page 3, Percy tries to stand up for his best friend Grover when the school bully, Nancy Bobofit, throws pieces of her peanut butter sandwich into Grover’s hair, and Percy starts to stand up saying “That’s it.” Grover stops him by saying that Percy is already on probation and that he liked peanut butter, so don’t worry, but the fact that Percy was willing to risk his place in the school by standing up for Grover shows that he is very loyal to his friends.

After a few more chapters, on page 57, Percy’s mom got turned into golden dust by a monster that was chasing after him and Grover, and while Grover was unconscious and the monster was bearing down on him, Percy could of a made it to safety, he chose to instead save his only friend and risk his life in this sentence ‘…as if he was going to make Grover dissolve. I couldn’t allow that.’

In the two sentences from the text, both times Percy was willing to stand up for his friend even if he risked his life and a place in his school. Most people wouldn’t, but Percy’s only friend is Grover, so he wouldn’t want to lose him. And while most people would have run screaming from the scene, Percy chose to overcome his fear and save his friend.