In Humanities class before winter/Christmas break, we wrote an argumentative essay as an assessment. After receiving marks for our essays today, we are asked to write a reflection about it. So here it is: I think something that I did well writing my essay was gathering information. I had a lot of evidence and knew where to put it and when. I think I also wrote a great introduction, capturing the attention of my reading and effectively stating my points without extra, unneeded information. I think an area that I would like to improve on is my own writing. I’m good at pasting information at the places where they are the most effective in convincing my reader in my opinion, but my writing is kind of difficult to understand, as Ms. Rivera wrote. The only two places where I marked myself and where Ms. Rivera marked me on the rubric (for the assessment) differently was the “establish and maintain formal style” and “describe the roles of political, civil, and economic organizations in shaping people’s lives”, both of which Ms. Rivera gave me a higher mark. The biggest challenge when doing this assessment was actually finding good sources. Some of the sources that I searched up didn’t have very good information. I solved this by not only searching up random sources in the search engines but actually searching up people’s stories in uniforms, which is my topic (Schools should not make uniforms compulsory). This didn’t just reinforce my point my finding people who already agreed with me, but also gave me some expert opinions. So overall, I think I did good, but everything and everyone always has room to improve!