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The Ocean Habitat

I learned a lot about science this year. This year is also my first year of having science. I learned about habitats, food webs, different kinds of energy, and so on. Next year, I would love to learn more about stars and different galaxies. I was always interested in them, but I didn’t want to be an astronaut. The prospect of facing an endless black space without oxygen was too much for me, so I will just stay on the ground and study the stars. Also, I am afraid of heights and deep water. If I could write my own report card, I would write that I am confident that I can analyze data right, make experiments, and collect data. I hope next year’s science classes will be just as exciting as this years!

My Favorite

This is a photo of my old 3d grade class. This is really important to me because some of my most epic memories (embarrassing and funny!) were made there. I am the girl smiling in the first row, the second left. My BFF, or best friends forever (who I had to leave behind when I moved here!) is the girl also in the front row, the second right. Warning: this is a bit personal! My old crush is the boy in the third row, the immediate right, the one with curly golden hair, a funny expression, and glasses. Live back then was simpler…

Early Humans and Us

Our humanities class has a big project named Early Humans and Us. It is a project about the ascend from early humans to modern humans. There are three topics in the project: technology, diet, and community. I chose diet. This is my thinglink. Hope you learn something from it!

Galaxy Basketball


This is my groups’ design project. We call it Galaxy Basketball because it is kind of like a basketball game in the galaxy, though we didn’t paint the inside. It is still fun though, due to the huge smiles on the fourth graders’ faces! One thing I would like to change is the color to make it more like a galaxy and less like poisonous clouds in a background of black.  My biggest success was the actual building of the project. It turned out all right, and it was fun, cutting out the parts and gluing them together. One piece of advice I would give a future student doing this project is to give it lots of thought. Once you start, there’s no turning back, though you can tweak some things around!

My Skiing Trip. My narrative draft is about a time I went skiing in Japan with my family and got a really bad stomach ache in the middle of a slope. At first, I considered writing about my small cute kitten, but I decided that wouldn’t make a good story. My first draft was rough, but know it is pretty descriptive. I think my narrative is pretty good, but I feel like if I wrote about something else, it would be better. But I am still proud of my narrative! And I still like skiing, no matter my experiences. Don’t get me wrong!

Where I’m From

Where I’m From 

 I am from the warm, cozy, white-gray house near school, 

From the place where my cat Candy meows, 

From the sound of the rain pattering against my window as I sleep,  

From the bamboo strips that wave cheerfully in the wind, saying hello. 


I am from the big, grand school in the corner, 

From the musky smell of new notebooks and binders, 

From the wonderful lure of learning, 

And the loving embrace of friends and support of family. 


I am from the sweet creamy pudding laced with caramel, 

From the heavenly dumplings Mother and Ai-Yi makes, 

From the mooncakes that come once a year, 

From the tangy taste of pumpkin pie,  

From the sugar ice-cream that melts in my mouth like an ice cube in the sun. 


I am from the peaceful atmosphere when I arrive home,  

From the excitement that arises when the door bangs, 

From the sleepiness that rises in me when I wake up, 

And the sun lights up the world.


We should be happy,  

Enjoy the sunshine… 

Enjoy what you have, 

For we are lucky to live in this wondrous world.  


Design Challenge

Hi people! This post is here to tell you about the design challenge we did in Science class at school. So, in our project, we were explorers that crash-landed on a deserted island with our partner/team. My partner is Catherine. Food is plentiful on this island, but water… The only water on this island is a dirty pond filled with dirt and germs.


Our goal is to clean this water so we can drink it. several items washed up on the island, and along with the items we brought along, we should be able to build something to help us clean this water. Catherine and I built something resembling a filter. We used several types of different materials throughout our prototypes, and we still haven’t found how to turn the dirty water into clean water. We are very close though… The most commonly used item we used was fabric, but we discovered that the water doesn’t pass through, so we changed to using a gray, hard, net. We also used cotton balls to make a kind of filter, but they dripped dirty water everywhere and wasn’t very easy to use, so we ditched that also. At one point we also used rocks, but that didn’t work either, so we stopped using it.


We think engineering is important because without it, we wouldn’t have all those wonderful buildings and bridges we have now! Engineering innovates and creates, letting us discover new things! All hail engineering!

The Story of my Name

My dad named me, but only for my Chinese name. He loves Chinese poems, so he chose my name from one of his poems. my name appears a lot in the poems. My mom also wanted to name me, so she chose my English name. Her English name is Cathy, but her Chinese name is Kanwen. My name is Kankan. See the resemblance? 🙂The Chinese poem below isn’t the poem with my name in it, though.

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