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Category: Sci-fi and Fantasy

My City

As part of my Science-fiction and Fantasy enrichment project at school, I created an entirely new future/fantasy city from my imagination. I took inspiration from some parts of the world, like identification and green energy and my love for chocolate! As you can probably tell below, it’s name is Valnoa, and it’s near the equator near the ocean (more details in the powerpoint). It’s a my dream utopia and my hope for what humanity can achieve in the future, or at least something close to this, an utopia instead of a dystopia. Enjoy!

The Inheritance Cycle


I made this video as a project for my enrichment at school, Sci-Fi and Fantasy. The series I made it about, The Inheritance Cycle, is one of my favorites! I hope this book trailer convinces you to read it too. Enjoy!

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