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The Ocean Habitat

I learned a lot about science this year. This year is also my first year of having science. I learned about habitats, food webs, different kinds of energy, and so on. Next year, I would love to learn more about stars and different galaxies. I was always interested in them, but I didn’t want to be an astronaut. The prospect of facing an endless black space without oxygen was too much for me, so I will just stay on the ground and study the stars. Also, I am afraid of heights and deep water. If I could write my own report card, I would write that I am confident that I can analyze data right, make experiments, and collect data. I hope next year’s science classes will be just as exciting as this years!

Design Challenge

Hi people! This post is here to tell you about the design challenge we did in Science class at school. So, in our project, we were explorers that crash-landed on a deserted island with our partner/team. My partner is Catherine. Food is plentiful on this island, but water… The only water on this island is a dirty pond filled with dirt and germs.


Our goal is to clean this water so we can drink it. several items washed up on the island, and along with the items we brought along, we should be able to build something to help us clean this water. Catherine and I built something resembling a filter. We used several types of different materials throughout our prototypes, and we still haven’t found how to turn the dirty water into clean water. We are very close though… The most commonly used item we used was fabric, but we discovered that the water doesn’t pass through, so we changed to using a gray, hard, net. We also used cotton balls to make a kind of filter, but they dripped dirty water everywhere and wasn’t very easy to use, so we ditched that also. At one point we also used rocks, but that didn’t work either, so we stopped using it.


We think engineering is important because without it, we wouldn’t have all those wonderful buildings and bridges we have now! Engineering innovates and creates, letting us discover new things! All hail engineering!

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