Light Box Project

This is the first project of Product Design this year. We decided to make a light box of a place we no longer visit because of Covid-19. I chose the place where I had a lot of memories from, the place with the famous HOLLYWOOD sign, Los Angeles. While working on this project, I learned a lot about the inner workings of adobe illustrator. Creating my layers to laser cut on wood. We also learned how to create and format wood boxes that we laser cut and glued together. One of the exotic materials we used was wood glue, this special glue allowed wood pieces to glue together somewhat quickly and make seamless connections. If I was able to go back in time and tell myself something, It would be “You should add more detail and scenery to your layers.” That would have improved my project by a lot and made it more interesting. On the topic of making light box layers, the advice I would give to a future Product Design student is “Think about how you are going to paint your layers and how you will mask the different details to make clear defined lines.” I struggled with painting the many windows in my city scene as masking it was super hard and time-consuming. My biggest obstacle in my opinion was painting those windows, they took the life out of me. You can tell in the photo they aren’t perfect either. Another hardship was fitting the LEDS in and making them light up the background well. I didn’t end up doing what I wanted to do but I think it achieves my goal. I do think my light box was a success overall because I finished it in time and managed to create something that looks decent. This project did teach me the ways of adobe illustrator and masking. This project represents my long-lost past before coronavirus and the stress of learning hit me.

Argumentative Essay Reflection

I have recently written an argumentative essay on single-use plastics, this will be my reflection on that essay. I think the structure of my essay was done well and the evidence supporting my statements were valid. I could improve on the small details and information within my essay. For example, the insight into the future for the conclusions and some extra information in my introduction. I don’t think I disagree with any of the marks Ms. Rivera gave. I feel satisfied with the results of the essay. I feel like the biggest challenge for this essay was finding the right sources to take evidence from. Many people look at single-use plastics so negatively, no one considers the negative impact of alternatives. Thinking single-use plastics are so bad for the environment instead of considering the pros and cons. The planning and writing was pretty straight forward and I did not have many issues,

Lego Building Project

In this build, I am proud of the creativity of my ships and structure as I made it small but detailed. I also went a bit out of the topic as I still built a building with a purpose, but it was more futuristic. However, I do believe I did a good job as I had limited blocks and no guidelines.

If I had more time, I probably would have made this BIGGER and therefore, make it more detailed. The limited blocks really put an obstacle in this idea. I could add more to it if I had more time and maybe explain how this structure floats in space?

Lego Combos

My creation was a combination of a vending machine and controllers.

I created a video game character inspired by a vending machine and made a controller to control the character.

I am pleased with how janky and unique it looks, turned out different from what I thought it would be, but ultimately did not have enough legos to make it actually look like a vending machine.

We were not able to use many lego bricks as there was only black bricks and limited amounts of colored bricks. If we had more time, we could’ve made it bigger and incorporate the whole vending part into the build.

Final Lego Car with Purpose Blog

We went through the design cycle 15 times

I feel that my final product really showed how strong and versatile it is. It is hard to break and survives falls.

I might try to make it more advanced and not use as many lego bricks and use more technic pieces.

I am pretty proud of it and glad that my structure was super strong. I would say I could have done more but I had to keep it sturdy.

A Vehicle With a Purpose!

The Purpose is a multi-terrain vehicle that can drive on both sides, a really sturdy build so it is hard to break. So it could be used as a military patrol vehicle, a testing vehicle.

I think I would serve this purpose well since it has many good characteristics that help its ability to conduct such roles.

I might add some more details or make it the body of the vehicle supports the tracks on top better. I might remake the body of the vehicle.


Percy Jackson Informational Blog

     Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief introduced us to a character called Percy Jackson, he makes many decisions throughout the story which influences his future in many ways. There are some changes that could be made and considered in the future to improve his decision making. he makes many decisions throughout the story. One of these decisions was when he decided to ditch Grover at the bus stop. 

     On the bus ride home, Percy admitted to Grover that he overheard his conversation with Mr. Brunner. Percy then starts to question Grover about what they said, asking what the Summer Solstice was all about. Grover was unable to answer as he starts to get nervous, I know that he did not want to talk about it but Percy insisted. After a bit of back and forth, they ran into the 3 fates who cut the yarn of someone’s life. Grover gets even more nervous as the author wrote “He was shivering, and his teeth were chattering.” Eventually, the bus arrives at the bus stop and Percy gets off and leaves without Grover, leaving him behind. Thinking Grover was too protective and believes he was protecting him.  

     From the source Recognizing and Managing Emotions, they gave the advice to consider your actions that result from your decisions. In this case, Percy decided to leave Grover despite his judgment and his warning. He could have used this advice and they might not have gone on that trip and gotten his mom “killed”. When Percy got home, he started to overthink the whole monster situation. Another piece of advice from the source states that distracting yourself could be a good way to manage your emotions. Percy could have used this advice to stop himself from worrying too much and calm down after his crazy incidents. However, this advice could also be applied to Percy’s insecure thoughts about himself.  

     During the first 2 chapters, Percy keeps questioning his ability to learn and thinks negatively about himself. His ADHD condition does not help with his ability to learn and the only teacher that seems to understand him is his Latin teacher, Mr. Bunner. Later in the story, we find out that Mr. Bunner is Chiron, the great teacher that taught many heroes like Hercules. That explains why he cared but he also understood Percy’s ADHD condition and often asked him questions to expand his thinking, following the source’s advice.  

     The source Neurodiversity: A different view of ADHD brings up ways that ADHD benefits kids like Percy and how to cope with the problems ADHD may bring. I know later in the story that many demigods are born with ADHD as it helps them survive in combat, but in regular life, it is a challenge for such kids to learn and be successful in school. One advice that the source offered was to communicate with the adults in your life as they might not know you have such a condition and offer help. This can very well apply to Percy because he doesn’t seem to try and explain to his teachers why he is struggling and getting help. The source also offered that people with ADHD often do better in outdoor settings and activities that interest them. Percy could try to use that and try to convey to teachers about these suggestions to help himself learn. In another source How to Focus on Studying, mentions that fidget items like rubber balls can help relieve the energy and makes you concentrate better on tasks. Sometimes choosing the right studying environment can be the best advice as Percy often finds himself distracted by many items within the room.  

     All in all, Percy could use these advices to help him in the future and become more successful. Everyone has their own problems that they need to overcome, no one is perfect and sometimes a little communication and the right decisions could help solve these issues. Percy for one has to deal with ADHD and control his emotions as his emotions will be tempted within the near future 

Percy Jackson CER

Percy Jackson is paranoid and pessimistic 

In Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson is a paranoid and pessimistic person. On page 32 Percy Jackson suddenly reminded himself about Grover’s worried looks on the bus. This triggers his paranoia and starts to worry about the monsters that might come after him. In chapter 3, Percy noticed his mom’s anxious looks in her eyes, connecting it with Grover’s looks. Him being paranoid after the bus ride and thinking about the monsters, allowed him to relate these events together. Base off these pieces of evidence we can tell that Percy Jackson has a paranoid and pessimistic trait. He keeps thinking about the worse that can happen and is paranoid about everything he notices. 


Percy Jackson is curious 

In Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson is curious and wants more information when he has questions. On page 23, Grover starts to explain to him what has been going on. After receiving this information, Percy starts to ask questions to understand everything. In chapter 5, Chiron and Mr. D begin explaining more in depth about the gods and why Percy is there. Percy at first seems to understand but starts to ask more questions, intrigued by the information he is receiving. On page 73 Percy asks, “Who are you, Chiron? Who… who am I?” Based on these discussions Percy is having, we can infer that he is a curious person, wanting to understand everything. It does not help Percy when he notices many details at the same time, and unable to understand them. 


Percy Jackson is brave 

In Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson is brave and fearless. On page 48, it writes, “Even if you are half barnyard animal, you’re my best friend and I don’t want you to die!”, Percy saved Grover despite the dangers he put himself into. In the same event, instead of just leaving Grover to die when he was dangerously close to death, he ignored his escape chance and decided to fight the Minotaur head on without any weapons. Based off these evidences, we can tell that Percy Jackson is brave and risks his life for others around him. He could have run off and crossed the perimeter, instead he fought back and saved Grover.