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Air Hockey, Here only!

 A rule I had to make along the way was the Crazy chaos mode. Basically, the rounds were taking too long and other people wanted to play the game and the line was looooooong. So the Crazy chaos mode is basically like a penalty kick. Each player will start free shots at each other.

Water filter design challenge

Blog Post Reflection


Take a picture of your final apparatus (finished product). May include more than one.


Answer the following questions on a word document:


Why is engineering important?


-Engineering is an important thing because,

It can be used to create a design to help people and the environment.


What was your challenge?


-Our grade 6 challenge was to design a prototype,

that someone would like to buy in a store.

The prototypes purpose was to turn dirty water into filtered water.

Then into clean water.


Why did you choose that design?


I knew the moss in the dirty water would stick onto the pieces of cotton helping the end result.


How does it work?


First, there is a metal cliché. Then we stuck pieces of cotton on with rubber bands.

Finally, after the water went through that it went into a tube that leads to a cup with the clean water.


Was your design successful?


Half. In the end, the water cleared rocks and moss, but the water was still a bit dirty.


How might you change your apparatus if had the opportunity? (If no redesign)


Stick some metal cliché into

design photo

the tube so it would be more helpful.


(If redesign) Was your redesign successful?


There was definatley less dirt, but still a bit dirty.

Save on your desktop when finished. We will post it in your blog next week.

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