"I once got told raw carrots were poisonous.So maybe I should be called, "Boy who believes in lies."

Humanities Argumentative essay reflection

I think I did decent with my essay, but could definitely improve on presentation and staying in a formal tone, as well as introducing my topics and reasoning better. 2 things I think I did well with was spelling and sourced information (finding good topics and evidence), 2 things I think I could improve on was showing and introducing my evidence and reasoning.

Summary of Graphic Novel: Jack goes to school and people all of a sudden doesn’t like him, then asks who/why this is happening, gets told to ask Pete, and the rest is history.

Science Final Project

My biggest takeaway from Grade 6 science would be that energy is all around us and we cannot create energy, at least not safely, or destroy it. I would write on my own report card, Kieran was a difficult student, but he has learnt many things, although he should really focus on his work more instead of goofing off. I am a little confident in model making and analyzing data, but I think I prefer modelling my work. One thing I wish I could work on next year would be to focus more on my work.

Analysing different character traits

The book I read was Space Case by Stuart Gibbs, I liked the book a lot and the good thing was it was a series, so I also read the other 2 books in the series, but only after the project. (Yes I do have a lot of free time or at least more now) My project reflects my thinking by showing what I was noting down and what I read and realized whilst reading the book. I think this project leveled up my thinking because I had to pay more attention to the book and look at a more specified area of the book, like their emotions and how they react.

My COVID-19 ScrapBook

A brief summary of the “my stories make history” Unit: The “our stories make history” unit was about our lives throughout COVID-19, we were supposed to do journal entries, analyze articles about COVID-19, and other stuff similar to this.
The reason I designed my scrapbook like the way it is, is because I thought it would be easy to read and find what you need. I think that this may be important in the future because they would want to figure out how we lived through this epidemic, similar to how we would analyze how people lived through major events like ww1 or ww2, they may be able to get a few tips for the possibility of a new epidemic, and how to live through that. I think my timeline of emotions went well, but I think that it is a bit weird and hard to do basically school online, also with if your internet is working or not, and what resources are available.

Covid 19 scrapbook thang

Humanities Project-Kieran

I chose my project to be a drawing of Baby Yoda. I have/will use(d) color pencils and regular pencil to make the drawing.

Early Humans Technology

This is my ThingLink about my project, the project we had to do is explain how technology, community, or diet, has changed throughout our history as humans. I chose Technology, specifically the tools. We also had to cite the sources we used for the information and photos we used. We had 1 week to do it and I think I did pretty well. At first, it was pretty hard to find information, as most of the information I had found, was for weapons, or community and diet. But eventually, I started to find information faster, and then I had taken all the notes I needed. I think that the Infographic and my values and limitations for my primary sources went by quickly.
If I could change anything I did, I think it would be to pay more attention to the articles I was reading, because I sometimes found information there. The link below is my ThingLink.


My favorite time in Teach was when I got to show the game me and Jason made with the grade 4s. My most challenging time was creating games to play with the grade 2s/4s. I don’t think I would want to play with younger kids in the future because I don’t think I’m good with kids. If I could change anything I would change the way I talked to kids.

Homo Erectus Infographic

Homo Erectus or Upright man was the longest living human species on earth, and by the time we Homo Sapiens have gone extinct, that could still be true. Homo erectus used sharp stone tools which helped them hunt and gather food quickly without being eaten by other animals. Homo Erectus had straighter backs than other human species which made them fit for travel so they could gather resources quicker. Homo Erectus was also the first human species to use fire, which helped them cook meat and gain more nutrients which helped them become smarter, and it also helped them scare their prey. In conclusion, Homo Erectus was one of the most advanced earlier human species, which helped us grow into the humans we are today.


Our Territory Project

Sam, Wei Wei, and I created our territory, Wakanda. With Mountains, A forest, 3 valleys with lakes in them, and most importantly, llamas. Here is theĀ  link:

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