Design summative , light box


       For this product design unit, we made a light box of a place that we couldn’t visit because of COVID. For my light box , I chose to make a place in Jeju, it reminds me of the fun we had there last year. Me and My family were visiting schools there, and before we were about to take a test to go to one of the schools, COVID came here as well, so we went to America. 

       Skills I learned include, how to use Adobe Illustrator, how to make a scratch card, and how little super glue you need to permanently stick something.  On Adobe Illustrator, I learned how to join two shapes together, make specific shapes, how to ungroup icons, and many more. I also learned that to make scratch paint all you need is acrylic paint and dish wash. Skills I developed include using masking tape, and glueing things together. 

      Something I learned about myself during this project is that I can get things done faster then I expected. Something I’d like to change about my light box is not painting the rabbit, in my opinion, it would look better. This is because there are lines inside the rabbit and i feel that they would look better compared to how it is now. One piece of advice I would give to a future student doing this project would be not to pick a place to simple, for example mine is a bit too simple, pick something with a some detail but not too much. Pick something that you know you can handle. My biggest obstacle was the painting part because it was really hard to paint the rabbit without covering the design, so I just painted the whole thing. My biggest success was putting it all together.Overall I think my light box was a success because the size of the layers were perfect, they all glued on perfectly, the lights fit nicely, and it looks quite nice.


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