"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

Rolling Ring

For my cardboard arcade, my partner and I worked together to make this fun cardboard arcade. How you play is there will be 6 balls coming from both sides and you get the balls and try to throw it in the hoops

My biggest obstacle is hot glue gunning the pieces together with my big project without breaking my game of other people’s games.

Skills that I learned or developed were me using the hot glue gun and the boxcutter and making me a little more comfortable using it.

One piece of evidence is about a project that you can do in a couple weeks and be able to finish.

Here is some feedback that my classmates gave.

Feedback caroselDesign Plan0

Here is the design plan that my partner came up with.

Design Plan0


The Confusing Day

My story developed over time because when I did not learn about the different kinds of punctuation I think I wasn’t using the right kind of writing in certain places. But now since I learned it now I think that I am now using the right kind of punctuation in a certain place. Now since I learned the new types of punctuation, I can use the right types of punctuation at the right time. Also now I learned the different types of introduction I can now use sound and different hooks to catch my reader’s attention

Where I am From

I am from poem
By: Leticia

I am from a small brown active four-legged animal
if it sees another dog it makes a WOOF WOOF
He is as furry as a fluffy carpet when you touch him you feel his bones
he LOVES to go outside as much as I live ice scream

From my black and white bedroom
bed filled with cozy stuffed animals
white walls
natural sunlight as warm as a hot tub

I am from my friends in my neighborhood
going to there house
board games
talking and laughing

From strawberry plant
Deer eat some
Bright red

I am from a trampoline
Black and red

And from basement
Some bugs

I and from a person that sometimes nice
and that plays
Table tennis
Sometimes PlayStation

STORY:                                                                                              for the project my team used:

So i was stuck on an island and I                                          3 pipes, duct tape2 cups, rubber bands, and 2 clips 

had to make a water filter so I

can drink the water and not become infected.             engineering is important because without engineering we won’t have cars, buildings…


the problem we were trying to solve is

to make a water filter so we can drink the water with limited materials that came floating up on the island.

my group chose this design because in each tube we put one filter in one pipe and a different filter in the

other pipe to see which filter works better. the filter works like this we put water in the pipes and let it in the cup and whichever goes better is the better filter.



The Story of My Name

The story of my name

My name is half Portuguese and half Latin. In Latin my name means joy, gladness, delight and happiness.

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