How does this product solve my initial problem: My initial problem was that tools with sharp tips like scissors and knives need its carrier to hold it on its tip or hold it upwards to ensure that it won’t hurt other people around while walking, yet this safety measure is easy to forget about, especially at schools (design or art class). Therefore, I decided to make a scissor sheath to help protect its carrier and the people around; meanwhile, it can also help maintain the cleanness of the scissor.

A skill I learned: An important skill I learned is hand sewing.  As far as I could remember, I’ve never actually hand sew anything before, yet I do believe that it is an important skill to possess. In this project, I needed it to connected the two pieces of leather together, so I asked the teacher in the sewing station to teach me this skill.

My most important decision in this project: I think my most important decision in this project was deciding to do hand sewing instead of using the sewing machine. The first time I try to make sew my two-piece of leather together I used the sewing machine to do it. It ended up in a failure because my pieces of leather are too small and curved for it. The next time I decided to hand sew the pieces. Even though it was much slower than the sewing machine, but it was a success.