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Early Human and Us Thinglink Project–The Development of Communication

This is my “Early Human and Us” Thinglink project for my humanities class. My topic for this project is explaining how communication has developed over time, and how its development has affected humans throughout history. This Thinglink below include a timeline of the development of communication, a paragraph about my topic, images of the early human form of communication, an image of the modern human form of communication, and source links.

IDK’s Scissoreines

This is my group’s (I Design Knowledge) mug insulator, we named it Scissoreines. The main function of this insulator is to reduce the heat loss of the hot water in the mug, which is to keep the water hot/warm. The way it works is by wrapping it around the mug and then attaching the Velcro on each side together. There is also a cup and a coaster designed with it to prevent heat loss from the top and bottom of the mug.

The thing I’m proud of in this project is how my group manage to finish this project in time and design a cup insulator that well achieves the goal of its function, which again is to reduce heat loss. Evidence that can prove its insulating function is that the temperature of the hot water in the mug only dropped by 10.3 degrees Celsius with the insulator on, after 20MINMUTES.

There’s nothing hard about this project technically, but I believe the challenging part for my group is to make agreements in ideas. Since we always have different ideas and opinions in things, the challenge for us is to cooperate, accept and try different ideas from each other.

If I could redesign this insulator, I would probably use something else instead of a foam sheet and use other things like double-sided tape or staple pins to attach the materials. I want to use something else instead of hot glue because most of the hot glue melted during the test of the insulator.

Overall, I think this is an interesting project for our community and I had a lot of fun.


SCI LilyZ Blog Post Reflection

This is my blog post reflection on my science water filter design project.

Lily’s “I Am From” poem

This is my “I Am From” poem for my Humanities class. It is all about me. Where I live (what kind of house is it like), where I was born and etc. I hope you will enjoy it!

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