Metaphor Map

We did a metaphor map project in humanities where we use a land form in nature and connect it with things in our lives using metaphor. We draw our map on an A3 paper and have to include: the tittle, legend(key) and compass rose. Here are the metaphor’s I have and the meaning of each one.

Chinese is a plain because I think it’s not hard, not that fun and just normal.

Piano is a mountain because I’ve been climbing for 4-5 years and finally finished piano 8th grade.

Reading is a valley because reading makes me feel calm and far away from the mountains.

My worries are a river because there are always worries coming in and coming out.

Time is volcano because I often ran out of time and got really stressed out.

My room is an oasis because after a tiring day, it is where I get refreshed and relaxed.

Badminton is and island because it’s not big but quit important.

School is a forest because the amount of things going on is like the forest of trees.

Homework is a desert because there always more and more and more to do.

Ocean are my thoughts because there are always ideas, thoughts deep like ocean.

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