Prevent heat transfer—Cup Insulator

I think our insulator works very well since the difference is about only 6 celsius. The foil works very well in the insulator because in the can experiment and the penguin project, it all worked nicely. Our also works because we got cotton inside the box next to the cup and that makes a new thick layer to stop heat from escaping. The foil on the sides of the lid are for stopping heat to escape from the gap between the body and the lid. Overall, most heat is trapped inside the prototype so our prototype works well.

I am proud of us making an insulator that works the best in our class so I think it’s very successful, it trapped most heat.

Something I would do differently is making our insulator easier to remove from cup because after 20 mins, the handle of the mug turned super hot and when taking the mug out, the water might spill. To do that, I think I could make the insulator wider but I’m worried if doing that would decrease the temperature of the liquid inside of the mug.

The hardest part of this project is finding the right material because we don’t have some of the materials we planed to use (example: mylar) and we has to use something else instead.


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