Creative Performance Assignment

Here is the performance I made, it is sort of a collage with 4 things that happened in this period of time with the coronavirus. The first section (top left) is about how we canceled our trip to Gubei Water Town, I was really disappointed because I was really looking forward to it.

The second section (top right) is about e-learning, I’m surrounded with work and sometimes get quite stressful. Things I miss include not being around my friends unable to go out and have bubble tea, ice-cream and sushi.

The third section (bottom left) is about how every one if wearing mask.

The fourth section (bottom right) is about my trip to Hebei, Cangzhou, my grandmother’s house. I went there at the beginning of Chinese New Year and had a nice time.

The middle is a birdcage inspired by an artwork I painted in art class, inside is our house and house we’re all locked inside.

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