Our Stories Make History

Our Stories Make History—Reflection

In our humanities unit “Our Stories Make History”, we recorded many things that relate to us and affects us during the period of the coronavirus (Covid-19). In this project, we learned to find reliable sources that relate to coronavirus so that we won’t be fooled by fake news and some bias. I organized my project by sections, I started by putting the collage as an introduction to my experience in Beijing. The second section are my emotional changes which are the diary entries and emotional timeline. My performance piece is related to the timeline. I organized it this way because it would help my audiences understand my feelings and the events that happened more, how some projects like the performance piece relate to others like the timeline.


My primary source can be useful for future historians because it shows how people live through the coronavirus period. This source can help for people in the future to learn more about what virus like this might cause, if it repeats (hopefully don’t), we’ll know better about what to do. My source can tell how some worries are brought while we can still be living really nicely. There are some basic facts in my source about what happened, how e-learning was like and how schools were closed. I personally don’t relate to the virus very much, some people have family members infected by the virus and some are infected themselves, others will need to learn about those to.


Though out this unit of creating a primary source, one of the things that I’m proud of is that I get to explore a lot of different websites: Canva, Book creator, Newsbank, The beijinger, etc. I had improved a lot on problem solving skills when some of the things don’t work in certain times. I also am proud of improving my skills of writing a diary, before I did write diary, but they are just to keep track of what I did that day, it doesn’t encloud a lot of emotions. Doing daily journaling may be tiring but helps me to improve my feelings expressing skills and skills on maintaining doing journaling every single day. A challenged is definitely internet problems, our WIFI often don’t work and I need to organize my time and prepare for a sudden internet problem. Another challenge was that I sometimes spend too much time trying to make things perfect, I need to learn to get better at knowing what needs to be perfect while some others don’t.

2 thoughts on “Our Stories Make History

  1. One thing I liked about your journal entry was that you put pictures that matched your words and It will make whomever is reading it more understand. Great design!
    I LOVEEE your creative performance assignment!!! Its almost the same as what Im experiencing, I really like the design that you made in this assignment! You also showed when you were doing homework, there was different classes assignment that you needed to finish. Same for us!
    I really like what you did for this unit, great work!

  2. Hi Liza! I think how you created your project with Book Creator is very interesting. It’s very cool when I flip over pages! I think your timeline is very pretty and clear. It was easier for me to see the events. Your zoomed in timeline pictures were easier for me to read the events too! I love your survival guide. I hope it helped the students who are starting e-learning. Your work was interesting and even fun for readers to read! One thing I want to recommend is maybe you can put links for your articles so that we can go in and have more detailed look on the article.

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