Habitat Mini Project—Polar Regions

Heres my thinglink:


    1. My greatest take away is  learning to make models and understand energy. Because before 6th grade I don’t know about those energy transformations, making CERs and drawing models in a correct way. I got many new science knowledge.
    2. I think I need more work on writing a good CER and learning new things in science. Also what I’d like to do is being about to do science experiments. Sometimes I still need more work in reviewing the knowledge I’ve learned.

1 thought on “Habitat Mini Project—Polar Regions

  1. Hi Liza! I read in your Thinglink of the hunting of the Arctic fox for their pelts. It absolutely terrifies me that such horrible things is being done to these animals; it is overt that humans do not all take this seriously enough.
    I love the information you chose to include in this 🙂

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