Metaphor Map

We did a metaphor map project in humanities where we use a land form in nature and connect it with things in our lives using metaphor. We draw our map on an A3 paper and have to include: the tittle, legend(key) and compass rose. Here are the metaphor’s I have and the meaning of each one.

Chinese is a plain because I think it’s not hard, not that fun and just normal.

Piano is a mountain because I’ve been climbing for 4-5 years and finally finished piano 8th grade.

Reading is a valley because reading makes me feel calm and far away from the mountains.

My worries are a river because there are always worries coming in and coming out.

Time is volcano because I often ran out of time and got really stressed out.

My room is an oasis because after a tiring day, it is where I get refreshed and relaxed.

Badminton is and island because it’s not big but quit important.

School is a forest because the amount of things going on is like the forest of trees.

Homework is a desert because there always more and more and more to do.

Ocean are my thoughts because there are always ideas, thoughts deep like ocean.

Design class cardboard arcade

In design class be made cardboard arcade games. My game is a Plinko, the players can have a choice of a marble game and a pingpong game.

Our game’s big obstacle was finding the perfect material to cover the game so the ball don’t fall out from the obstacles in the game. We ended with a plastic transparent material which I think is like plastic bag.

One thing that I like to change is I drew line on the games so I know where to glue the obstacles but the obstacles didn’t ended up right where I drew the lines so the purple lines are still visible in the games and that does not look good.

Overall, I think this project is successful because I really like our games, not too much come to our during the actual presenting part for the fourth graders but all of the people that came enjoyed our game. Plus, the game turned out the way I expected.

I am From a Black and White Secret Garden and Boxes of Puzzles

This is my Where I’m From poem we worked on in class. We started by looking some Where I’m From poems other people or authors wrote, it’s is hard to understand at first. Then we  listed 7 different things that is special to  ourselves in different categories. Then we made the words into sentences and into the poem we have now. Ms. Shannon showed us the poem a student from last year did for example. I think coming up with some things that is special to me is quit hard especially the special items.


Hum_Liu_Liza_Where I’m From Poem

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