cup designing challenge

In the cup design, we designed a cover that could keep the liquid inside warm. we thought about the conduction and the radiation and convection. we made a lid for convection and the sids that cover the cup for radiation, and we also made a bottom for the conduction.


In teach, we tought a 4th grader called terry  by playing a little name games and reading a book together. I think reading the book together went well and I think I can improve on some name games. They were kind of naughty but I had fun.  I understood that they needed more clear instructions to follow them.

metaphor map


in humanities, we made the map as metaphor.  here is what the symbols mean.


my math class is a volcano because the teacher never lets me go and it makes my head explode by calculating.

my chinese class is a mountain because it is so hard and confusing for me.

my bus is my oasis because i get so tired and if i get on the bus, i can do what ever you want and no one can interrupt me.

my free time is a island surrounded by classes and worries.

ocean is the worries or concerns that is have for example, grades and loosing my stuff.

school is a plain because in school, nothing happens and it’s normal the whole time.

river is my bed because it feels like i am floating when i lay on my bed.

lunch is a peninsula because it is right at the middle when classes and classes meats.

my books are forest because the texts looks like a forest full of trees.

my after school classes are a desert because i get so tired in there.


throw the heads

    • my biggest success was making the ball to come back and return. my biggest obstacle was to make the ball acctually roll down the return system skills that i developed was the cardboard cutting skills. one thing i will change is the goal because it is too difficalt to get it in to a such small consern that was shared with me  was that the goals were too small. if i did this again, one thing i will change is making it a bit smaller.

where Louis is from



I am from big goals

and legs like horses

kicking the ball around

Where my big gloves

flapping and my clanking bat

swinging around. ⚽︎⚾️


I am from my Airpods cheering me up

when I was nervous. 🎧

Playing around with my friends

at the dark dark night. 👩‍💻

where my friends play Mincraft with me. 🎮

While eating hamburgers from KFC.


I am from where I go do bowling when it                                                                           is raining cats and dogs and🌧

where I play poker and chess, ♞

where I play soccer and get hungry enough to eat a horse. 🐴

All of this is my memories about where I came                   from. 🏡🏡🏡🏡




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