Percy Jackson Assessment Thing.

Many people are impacted by ADHD by blurting out and getting distracted, but their behavior can be improved. Percy Jackson is no different. The two paragraphs below will show how ADHD impacts Percy by blurting out things and distracting him. This can be improved with a stimulating environment. These paragraphs will also show how personal relationships impacts Percy by helping him deal with stress … [Read more…]

End of the Year Reflection

When I started middle school, I was most excited about the food because I heard It was good. I was most worried about tests and homework. I overcame these worries by doing them. Ine highlight was Camp Greenwood because it was pretty fun. One challenge I faced was the homework. I confronted it by doing … [Read more…]

Habitat Science Homework Thinlink

My biggest takeaway in science was probably the dry ice grenade. If I were to write my own report card, I would probably say that I did an okay job. I would like to work on more dry ice grenades next year.

Our Stories Make History Final Project

For my final project, I created a Thinglnk containing my work in humanities during the coronavirus outbreak. I have organized my work in chronological order.  This stuff that I did might be useful to people who might want to know about some of the things that happened to me during these dark times. I’m probably … [Read more…]

My Favorite

This is my favorite stuffed toy owl. His name is Bobby. Dunno why. Felt like the right name. I love to cuddle him and build forts to play with him. He’s important to me because sometimes when I’m stressed, I just squeeze him as tight as I can and feel the weight lifting off my … [Read more…]

My Cardboard Arcade

  My biggest success was when I scored 5 panda baskets in a row, setting the highest record that is literally impossible to beat. Skills that I learned and developed was cutting and measuring. Before, I couldn’t cut well. Now I’m better at it. One thing I’d like to change was the board I put … [Read more…]


I Got Shot, then Slapped in the Face My first draft was really simple and not exactly good. I actually made a lot of copies of my draft and every copy is better and improved. I practiced my dialog and learned the rules of dialogue. sort of. I tried to start with onomatopoeia and put … [Read more…]