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How does ADHD impacts Percy’s choices, and how could he improve it?

Percy Jackson is a boy who is special for several reasons. He suffers from dyslexia and ADHD, and this makes it hard to make a good impression to others. He is facing a lot of problem because of his issues, and it impacts all side of his life. His dyslexia make him impossible to read English and find school and teacher boring. So, he gets frustrated, he often says things that hurt others feeling. He clearly knows his issues and try his best to control it. However, there are some methods and strategies that could improve his life and makes things easier.

Percy’s attitude¬¬ towards school and bad learning habit is due to his ADHD. My grades slipped from Ds to Fs” (pg. 17) is an example of his less confidence in his ability to learn. He clearly knows about his ADHD, but he feels helpless, and very frustrated. ADHD often get him into trouble, he talks before thinking. “Will you shut up?’’(gp.5) is a reaction that is very inappropriate. But because Percy is unable to focus, he gets easily distract by anything. He feels annoyed and gets unable to control his emotions, this causes him to blurt out. This is also proved in “these symptoms include fidgeting; difficulty playing or wait for a turn and blurting out answers.” from the Newsela article. “Because you don’t want me around?” I regretted the word as soon as they were out (pg39). This tells us that Percy get easily annoyed. Also, he’s speech often affects other’s feeling. Even thought, he did not mean to. Witch often make Percy’s words hurting to the one he loved, and him often regrades after saying them.

Even though Percy Jackson Feel hopeless, frustrated, and that he thinks he cannot get better in his life, there are still some strategies that could improve the outcomes for the decisions he makes. “Grover tried to calm me down.” (pg3) this prove that Grover is supportive and helping friend, which is the kind of support Percy need to better deal with ADHD. According to the article, “The support affects by a carrying friends”. ‘he was the only teacher whose class didn’t put me to sleep” (pg.2) from this text we can know that Mr. Brunner always tried his best to support him, which makes Percy try his best in Mr. Brunner’s class. Even though his grades are not really good, Percy’s mom, too, is being the really supportive person in his life. “My mom is the nicest lady in the world.”, “My mother can make me feel good just by walking into the room.” These two texts from page 3 prove how supportive his mom is to him and how he responds with his love. She supports him by accepting his moods and bad temper. All the helping people can help Percy though his life. Their supportive comments to Percy make him want to do the right things and try his best to control his words.

In conclusion, Percy’s ADHD is a big reason of his bad behavior, although he tries his best to control them, the outcomes might not be good. In this case he needs the best supports from others. His ADHD, dyslexia makes him sometimes act unpleasant, but he be understood and respects.


My biggest take away from 6th grade science is that I learned more things about the nature. I have a better understanding of different habitat, this way I can know the habitat I’m in, and different habitat’s fact so I can talk about it with my families and friends.

Next year in science, I would like to learn more about nature, for example how dose different habitat form, how dose animals in different habitat act different, and this kind of topic. Nest year there is also a topic that I really want to know about is how dose climate change affect the planet.

Our stories make history

In the unit “Our Stories Make History”, we created different projects that tell what we have experienced during coronavirus outbreak and quarantine . Our unit helped me to understand the situation in the society and the effects virus has on the world. We have created different project to remember our life during in this difficult time.

At first I couldn’t really balance my day life and the school work, but as the time passed by, I started to become more organized and efficient. The daily journal helped me to become better at writing and to improve a little bit day by day.

This could be a  historian, future 6th grader to understand how do people in different places responded to the challenges during the coronavirus period. And also, this is a primary source like  some famous dairy, like that written by Anne Frank.

I’m most proud of myself and my attitude towards viruses, because I did not worry excessively about it, and I tried to see things in the good light all throughout this ordeal.


below is my final project.

Early humans and us thinglink project (community)

this is my thinglink project:

Water Filter Design Challenge


Engineering is important because it use creative thinking, and new ideas to solve the problems.

Our challenge was to find a solution for cleaning the water on a deserted island. We had to design a device that could perform.

We choose our design because it was not too hard to build and we thought the material is easy too find on the  island.

You put the water into the bottle and when the water comes out, you can put is in a clean bottle .

Our design was not successful, we know this because the water came out was not clean.

If I could change my apparatus, I would not make a hole in a plastic cup but insterd the clean water in it, and not the additional bottle. Finally I would add more layers of material into the filler so that the more water will come out more cleaner.


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