In this project we tried to make some dirty water to a more purified water. Although our filtration system wasn’t as successful  as my group thought it would be. But the conclusive water was more better than the water that was put in. In a real life survival situation, i would have used some charcoal to burn the bacteria, but since we didn’t have any charcoal, we had to use the tools given which made the situation more challenging.

I think something that could help us be more successful in the future would be using more chain mail, and less cloth and pipe cleaners.

Some positive things and exciting things that we observed was that from the other groups was that we managed to block out the rocks and sand which was very helpful. Our group’s filtration system was the longest. Even if it wasn’t successful it was fun to do the challenge.

I think that engineering is important because engineering can help solve real world problems such as sustainable buildings, and environmental problems.


group members: Henry Zhao, Luis Lee